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Best Online Streaming Services

Years ago there were only television and radio for the entertainment purpose. People used to have time to sit together and watch Television after they return from their work.


Best Online Streaming Services


But in the modern era, as people have lesser time apart from their work so they don’t get time to watch television together.


Changed Generation

At the same time, the tastes and preferences of every generation have changed a lot over time.

Keeping that in mind, several entertainment houses and channels have launched different platforms to stream videos to see them in their personal devices. These platforms are known as TV streaming services.


Different Types of Platforms

There are generally two types of programs that are streamed through these platforms. Some of the programs are telecasted on the television and then you get to see them through these platforms. Secondly, there are some programs that are streamed exclusively on these platforms.


Different Types of Platforms


To access these programs first you need to download the apps and then you have to subscribe to certain plans for a particular time period. You can get access to these programs whenever you want and wherever you may be. These online platforms have changed the experiences of watching TV programs drastically.


Some Best Online Streaming Services

There are many streaming platforms that offer newer programs to their viewers now as it was first initiated with the services of MSN watch online. Some of them are very renowned in terms of their viewership ratings.


  • Netflix

It is one of those best streaming services in terms of popularity. The first name of streaming software that comes to our mind is it. It can be run in several OS supporting devices like Android, Windows, Apple, PlayStation, Google Chrome and several others.

Netflix has its original TV shows and movies that you can see only after subscribing to their annual plans.

It has a lot of stocks on its digital shelves where you can get some movies which you should watch. Not only this, there are companies that make their smart TV sets with inbuilt Netflix apps. Since Netflix has launched its self-made contents, it has won several awards.

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  • Amazon Prime Video

This is another platform of online streaming videos that is also compatible to run on several OS supported devices like Android, Windows, Roku, Google, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV stick and some more. They also have their own original contents which are streamed through this.

Some of the famous series of Amazon Prime videos are Man in the High Castle, Boys Among Others, transparent, etc. The most unique thing about Amazon Prime Video is they have their own set-top box named the Amazon Fire TV.

It comes for around Rs.5000/- in Indian Currency. The cost of a subscription is also much similar to Netflix and it also offers a 30 day trial period.


  • HULU

This is an online streaming software which offers TV shows having big names and popularity. The Simpsons, South Park, Saturday Night Live, etc are the most viewed programs through this app.

This app also is compatible with most of the commonly used OS like Android, Windows, Apple, etc. It serves the viewers with two types of programs which are very commonly seen by the general people.

The second type of program is live TV by New HULU. It has offered a price cut for the viewers and has brought down the subscription charge up to Rs.500/- per month.


  • Disney Plus

Disney Plus is basically targeting the kids as their customers. This is not a mainstream online streaming platform. It works as a parallel option of watching videos beside Netflix and Amazon.

The contents that are showed in it are very selected like Hollywood animated films like Star Wars, Marvel, national geographic, Pixar, etc. the owner of this platform is Disney which is renowned by its own name to the kids.

Disney Plus is compatible with several OS platforms like PS4, Android, iOS, Android TV, Chromecast Firefox and some more. The subscription fee is not a big deal for the customers.

It comes with a monthly package of $6.99 per month which is equivalent to almost Rs.500/- per month. It has launched with a lot of fantastic movies so that your kids don’t get bored when you are busy with your device.

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  • YouTube

YouTube is in operation for a long time. There are very few videos that are not available on this platform. But YouTube TV helps to get the experience of watching live TV without any disturbances. It is available to run on devices based on Android, Apple, Windows, Google Chromecast and much more.

YouTube gives you an opportunity to upload videos in it which are blogs generated by the users. The most important thing on YouTube is it hardly requires any subscription to watch videos.

Though the subscription fee of the YouTube TV is a bit more than the other streaming platforms, it also gives you fair enough chances to watch around 60 channels.


  • Twitch

It is a free streaming platform for musicians, gamers and some more entertaining videos. It is generally used to see live competitions of video gaming. It is compatible with Apple, Google, Chromecast, and Windows.

It is a very popular streaming site where every detail of world tournaments are available. This platform is not one of those traditional video streaming platforms. tTere are so many things to do in it and that’s why it is becoming popular with the game lovers.


Become Popular with the Time

Since the inception of the live video streaming apps, there are increased opportunities for several production houses to make newer movies and series so that they can constantly serve them to these channels. Many new stories and productions are getting an opportunity to make tremendously good TV shows.

As there are so many disturbances faced by the viewers of the TV like commercial ads and so on, so the usage of online video streaming apps is increasing day by day. There are some apps also which shows you the news whenever you want.

Some apps are there especially for the games played worldwide like cricket football etc. so you can now enjoy your show throughout the year without any interference.


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