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Spyier – the Best WhatsApp Spy

Be honest when we ask you this: have you ever wanted to peek into someone else’s WhatsApp? If you’re like more than half the people in the world, the answer to that is most definitely a ‘yes.’

Regardless of why you’d want to do it, if you can find a way to hack into someone’s WhatsApp account, there’s a lot you can do. Not only can you discover all their personal conversations. You can find out who they talk to most often and also take a look at what photos and videos they’ve sent and received.

But hacking WhatsApp isn’t so easy. One would need to possess hi-tech hacking knowledge to do it, right?

Well actually, NO! With the brilliant little app we’re about to introduce in this post, you’ll be able to access anyone’s WhatsApp account in no time.


Why Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp?

There can be multiple situations which may require you to sneak into someone else’s WhatsApp:

  • You could want to check what messages and files your children have been exchanging and with whom
  • Your spouse could be acting secretive, hooked onto their phone continuously. It might instigate you to check who they’re communicating with regularly

If you know what information your children and spouse are sharing with others, you can intervene at the right moment and stop the worst from happening. And for that, looking at their WhatsApp messages is the best way.

But if you’re hacking into your family’s personal social accounts like WhatsApp, you’d want to do it secretively, because if they found out you’re spying on them, it may adversely affect your relationship with them. Also, you’d obviously want to keep the personal photos and videos safe from exposure to the world.

After comparing several WhatsApp spy apps and reading countless user reviews, we’ve narrowed down on one app that lets you achieve flawless WhatsApp spying. This app is 100% secure to use and doesn’t reveal your identity as a spy to your target.

The app goes by the name Spyier, and we believe hacking into ANY social account becomes extremely easy thanks to the best WhatsApp spy app like Spyier.

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Ultimate WhatsApp Hacking Solution

Spyier is the knight in shining armor for worried parents and suspecting spouses. It gives them the peace of mind they’re looking for by letting them know what their kids and partners talk about over messaging services like WhatsApp.

With a strong experience in the phone spy domain of 10+ years, Spyier understands the mindset behind wanting to spy on someone else’s social accounts. By making remote and anonymous phone monitoring possible, this app allows people to keep tabs on their targets without compromising their integrity or the safety of their data.




Spyier has gained the approval of business houses like Wired, The Huffington Post, and Mac World, and has created a fan following among millions of users across 190 countries. The most attractive aspects of the app are its stealth mode, social media monitoring feature, GPS tracker, and complete call and message history tracking feature.


Spyier Takes the Hassle Out of WhatsApp Spying

One of the best aspects about Spyier is its user-friendliness. The app is undoubtedly the easiest online WhatsApp hack, thanks to a convenient Setup Wizard which makes it simple to configure and an intuitive interface which makes it simple to work with.

You don’t have to be a tech-whiz to work with Spyier. Anyone, absolutely anyone can pick up Spyier’s working within minutes. The app doesn’t need you to tamper with your own device or the target device in any way (no rooting or jailbreaking needed). You don’t even have to install anything on your phone or computer to work with Spyier.




Operating remotely through an online dashboard, Spyier collects all data from a target Android or iOS device and renders it to the dashboard where you can see it in real-time. So, in effect, you get to view and read/hear every text and call your target receives or sends/makes in real-time!

Setting up Spyier on both Android and iOS takes less than 10 minutes and it is very straightforward.

iOS Version 

The iOS version of Spyier works completely remotely without needing installation on the target device. You just need to provide the iCloud credentials used on the target device during setup. Using them the app syncs all data from the target’s iCloud backup into its dashboard. You can log in to the dashboard using ANY browser (mobile or desktop).

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Android Version

Spyier’s Android version needs to be installed on the target device (you don’t need to worry as this is in line with standard Android phone monitoring practices). The app is lightweight, and once configured, its icon can be hidden from the app drawer. It runs quietly in the background without consuming much battery or resources so it doesn’t raise any red flags.


The Safest Phone Spy App You’ll Ever Work With

Spyier has been specifically designed to keep user data privacy as its #1 priority. Highly talented developers have worked day in and out on this app using cutting-edge technology to make sure that it cannot access the user data on the target phone. Thus, none of the information that it monitors is saved on its servers.

As a result, while you can access the photos, videos, and other multimedia saved on your target person’s phone, none of that data is stored on Spyier’s servers. It is kept safe from theft and leaks, making the security that comes with this app 100% authentic.


How to Spy on WhatsApp with Spyier

Here are the steps you need to follow to setup Spyier:

  1. Sign up for a free account and also purchase a subscription plan to register.


  2. Now you will be prompted to select the OS of the target phone that you wish to monitor.


  3. Depending on the OS you select, the steps further on will differ:
    For Android:
    You will receive download the link and installation instructions via email.
    For iOS:
    When prompted, enter the iCloud credentials of the target phone.
  4. Lastly, you’ll see a “Finish Installation” screen where you need to hit the “Start” button to kick start the monitoring.




Once you’ve completed Spyier’s set up in this way, you’ll start receiving real-time updates in your online dashboard. Simply go to the left-hand sidebar of the dashboard and click on “WhatsApp Spy” panel to check your target’s WhatsApp activity.


To Conclude

When hacking into WhatsApp the important thing is being able to do it while keeping the other data of the phone safe and also keeping your identity as a spy hidden. Spyier helps in achieving both these goals in addition to giving you access to an impressive bunch of features.

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