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Cocospy iPhone Tracker Review

Smartphone trackers also popularly known as spy apps are suitable for employers and parents. These do an excellent job of tracking other people’s activity on their smartphones.

iPhone despite running one of the most secure smartphone platforms, it can still be tracked using such apps.

Cocospy iPhone Tracker

Cocospy is among the most superb iPhone trackers available today. It is a beautiful tracking app that is famous for its unique tracking and parental control features.

This article reviews Cocospy as an iPhone tracker app, its features, and its use.


Cocospy: The Best iPhone Tracker

Cocospy is a trusted commercial tracking and surveillance app. This iPhone tracker has attracted the attention of established media outlets such as Forbes and the New York Times.


To top it up, the app is trusted by millions of users across the world. Most of the users are parents who try to track their children’s safety online.

Cocospy iPhone tracker lets parents access virtually everything on their children’s iPhone. For instance, Cocospy users can track iMessages and social media conversations among others.

This iPhone tracking app lets users track other apps on iPhones with ease and discreetly. Cocospy besides tracking what takes place in the iPhone can also track the location of the phone itself.

These are some of the things that set this iPhone tracker apart from the competition.


What Makes iPhone Tracking Easy with Cocospy?

Cocospy comes equipped with several dozens of features that make this app a formidable iPhone tracking app. However, there are some factors that make Cocospy a byword for the surveillance app. These are:

  1. All tracking is done remotely

Cocospy lets you track all activities on a target iPhone remotely eliminating any likelihood of being found by the target.

This is possible through a web browser of your choice. With that, you only need to log in to your Cocospy dashboard. This efficiency and effectiveness are what we have come to expect from competent phone surveillance apps.

  1. 100% stealth with no installation required

All the tracking activities carried out by this app on an iPhone take place in stealth mode. The app doesn’t require any installation on the target device nor does it require jailbreaking the target iPhone.

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The only thing needed is the iCloud credentials of the target device to access everything on the target iPhone. Your target will never suspect that you are tracking every activity on their iPhone.

  1. Meet all your iPhone tracking needs

Cocospy lets you access everything on the target iPhone including the calendar and all installed apps. Also, the app lets you access multimedia files such as videos and photos on the target iPhone.

With Cocospy, your target will not be able to hide anything from you. Even their browser history is at your disposal not to mentions their contacts and all their chats. Also, you can access call logs on the tracked iPhone.

Cocospy will give you access to everything you need from the target iPhone without arousing any suspicion from the target.

  1. Legit and safe

Cocospy is a legitimate iPhone tracking app that requires informing your target that you are tracking their iPhones. For parents, this is not necessary if they are using it on their kids.

Failure to do so may result in a lawsuit for infringing on someone’s right to privacy. The app is safe since it won’t gather data on you or your target to share it with third-party apps. So, you can rest easy knowing your data is safe.

  1. Fast setup

Setting up and tracking an iPhone with Cocospy takes several minutes. The process is very fast considering no installation is required on the target iPhone.


Cocospy Tracking Features

Cocospy is equipped with over 35 tracking features that let you spy on an iPhone discreetly. Below are some of the iPhone tracking features you can rely on in this app.

  1. Tracking messaging apps

Cocospy can track all SMS/MMS text messages on an iPhone. The app lets you access deleted messages since it backs up all messages including deleted messages on the target iPhone.

  1. Track email conversations and calendar events

With Cocospy, you will be able to track email conversations on your target iPhone. The app allows you to read all incoming and outgoing emails. Also, Cocospy lets you track calendar events on the target iPhone.

This app gives you access to all the emails and appointments on any iPhone. 

  1. Location tracking

Cocospy is not limited to tracking installed apps on an iPhone. It can even track the location of the target iPhone. This is essential if a parent wants to find the location of their children.

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Also, companies can use the app to find a lost iPhone issued to an employee. The convenience of accessing all these remotely is unparalleled in the phone surveillance arena.

  1. Social media tracking

This app can also track social media conversations and posts on WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

Since most online communications on these apps aren’t textual, the app lets you download media files. All the details on these social media apps can be tracked using Cocospy.

  1. Track all installed apps

Besides tracking social media apps and messages, Cocospy can track all installed apps on an iPhone. Millions of users trust this app because of its powerful features that leave no stone unturned.

These are just the tip of what you can expect from this app. Now that we have highlighted some of its features, it is time we show you how it operates.


Using Cocospy to Track an iPhone

To track an iPhone using Cocospy, you have to follow a few steps. We outline them below.

Step 1: Visit Cocospy website and register for an account. Also, ensure you subscribe to a plan that suits you.

sign in

Step 2: Next, set up your target iPhone. Here, you will need the login credentials of the target iPhone. Provide them then click ‘Verify.’

verify the icloud

Step 3: Cocospy will take some time to verify your credentials and sync all the data. When done, click ‘Start’ to finish the setup process.

finish installation

Step 4: To start tracking your target iPhone, log on to your Cocospy dashboard.

log on to your Cocospy dashboard.

Here, you will have access to everything. That’s all!



Cocospy is a very powerful iPhone tracking app. To get an idea of what you can expect from this app, we recommend visiting its website. There you will have access to live demos.

All in all, this is a great iPhone tracker that will not disappoint. If its huge customer base and exemplary customer approval rating is anything to go by, you can trust the app.


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