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10 Apps for Yachtsmen to Ease Life

Do you know anything about apps for yachtsmen?

Any clue on what you can do with your mobile or tablet in terms of how it helps navigation?

The world of applications to navigate is increasingly extensive and specialized.

In addition to knowing the state of the weather and the sea, we can use our tablet as a GPS, as a manual for any problem or question that we may have on board, a guide for regattas, AIS radar, wind, and nautical charts. 

Say you own a yacht (or are thinking of buying a boat) and have a cell phone.

Then you are probably interested in learning all about the best navigation apps.

And among the many types of navigation applications out there, maritime navigation apps for yachtmen are some of the most useful.




With the best maritime navigation apps, you can literally turn your phone or tablet into a full-blown chart plotter.

That means you have valuable backup electronics at your helm.

And you can take your technology with you even when you’re aboard small boats without electrical systems.

Nowadays it is very common to use mobile devices and tablets for onboard tasks.

There are very useful and simple apps for yachtmen that will make browsing easier and safer.

Together with Zeboats here we inform you of the basic ones that we have selected.

And we recommend that you incorporate them into your mobile.


1.  First App for Yachtsmen: SafeTRK Maritime Salvage

It is an application for mobile devices that allows recreational sailors to have Maritime Rescue monitor their journey.

Also, to give the alarm in case of not complying with the established navigation plan.

50% of the incidents handled by Salvamento Marítimo are pleasure boats.

SafeTrx is an application for smartphones, for both Android and Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad).

It monitors the trips of your boat, notifies the contacts designated by the user when there are delays in the planned trip.

This app for yachtmen also offers a web page so that Maritime Rescue can quickly consult the defeat made by the boat and take the appropriate actions.

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2. Imar

It is the app for mobile devices of Puertos del Estado that allows knowing:

  • the state of the sea
  • detailed information on waves
  • sea level
  • wind
  • atmospheric pressure
  • water temperature, etc.

This app for yachtmen is available for each town, beach, and port in Spain.  for I.O.S.


3. One More App for Yachtsmen: Windguru

Windguru is an application specialized in weather forecasting.

It is a very simple to use app.

The app shows us graphically and very quickly:

  • the wind speed
  • temperature
  • cloud cover
  • atmospheric pressure
  • relative humidity
  • tides with a high degree of reliability.

This app for yachtmen is a classic among boaters. The format of how it shows us the winds already identifies as WindGuru.


4. Knot Guide HD

There is a knot for every need, but we never remember, or ignore, that it exists.

And if we remember, we don’t know how to start it.

If this happens to you, this is your application.

This simple application, shows us graphically, step by step, how to make about a hundred different knots, classifying them by type and needs.

The paid version of this app for yachtmen is in HD and is designed for iPad, but with the free version, we already have knots to get bored.


5. Marinus RIPA

Marinus Ripa is an application for smartphones that should not be missing onboard our ship.

With Marinus Ripa, you will always have at hand all the essential information to get rid of any problem or doubt that arises during a voyage.

This app for yachtmen contains the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (RIPA).

Nautical flags, clouds, whistles, lights, Morse code, Douglas and Beaufort scale.

This app for yachtmen has constant free updates, to incorporate the complete basic agenda that every good sailor will appreciate.

It is a very useful application to have at hand all the basic safety information in navigation.

Marinus RIPA has an iBook version for iPad in high definition book format and illustrations of each subject.

In addition, Marinus has two more applications, very interesting.

One of them is Bearing Pilot that determines your position on the chart, collision course, GPS position and speed.

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The other one is Anti-Garreo, a very good application to notify us of problems in our anchorage.


6. Navionics Marine Boating

A classic that includes maps for coastal navigation around the world, in addition to controlling tides, routes, and ports.

This app for yachtmen also allows you to take geo-located photos and create a virtual logbook during the trip.

You don’t need internet coverage. Available for IOS and Android


7. ShipFinder

For this app for yachtmen, the Internet is necessary because it will allow you to download AIS data (Automatic Identification System) with detailed information on the ships that sail around the world including name, heading, and destination.

Available for I.O.S.


8. IngNaval

This is a free application for Android devices.

It has been created by the Naval Engineering magazine, as a result.

This app for yachtmen will keep you up to date with all the news of the maritime sector.

In addition, it has ave access to the calendar of events in the sector.

Available for Android


9. ShipFinder

For this app for yachtmen, the Internet is necessary.

Because it will allow you to download AIS data (Automatic Identification System) with detailed information on the ships that sail around the world including name, heading, and destination. Available for I.O.S.


10. Free Nautical GPS App for Yachtsmen: Transas iSailor

If we are very interested in one thing once we are on the high seas, it is not to lose our way.

Currently, many GPS works very well if we do not go too far from the coast.

But they are not always 100% reliable and we can lose coverage quickly.

That is why we recommend a good marine GPS app for yachtmen such as Transas iSailor.

We like Transas iSailor because it is very easy to use, which is perfect for all those who surf as a hobby.

It has very interesting features, such as:

  • Supports the TX-97 format of vector Transas charts.
  • Has accurate and precise information on all the navigable waters of the world.
  • Serves as an internal nautical GPS, and if you connect to TCP / UDP / WiFi, it has GPS NMEA.
  • Has maritime charts and waybills.
  • They use it to monitor our navigation at sea and any object on the nautical chart.

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