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About SoftwareBattle

These days, most technology websites have click-driven content instead of content that actually matters and that helps users. Our desire with Software Battle is to change that fact. We want to be different — to offer things that users really care about instead of focusing solely on pageviews.

Since we’re comprised of regular, every-day technology users, we have a close insight on what this audience values. Software Battle is created by users and for users. We simplify complex matters and we cut directly into the case. We know your time is valuable and we want to make the most of it.

Even though Software Battle did start as a software-comparison website, don’t let the name fool you. At Software Battle we cover everything related to technology, from consumer gadgets to business software, with everything in between.

The thousands of users that visit Software Battle every month find solutions to their problems with our how-to guides and tutorials. They learn everything about hardware and software with our analysis, comparisons and reviews. They keep up with the latest in tech. That’s why we’re so successful.

Users keep coming back to us because they trust us. They know that in Software Battle they can find content that they actually care about. Content that teaches them. Content that helps them. Content that keeps them informed.

Still, we know that we have a long way to go before we become a staple in the online world. However, we know that the path to success isn’t always easy. We’re willing to make the effort, because we know it’s worth it.

Software Battle will become the definitive magazine for personal technology — your one-stop source for everything tech-related.

About Me

PetrKudlacekMy name is Petr and I am a self-proclaimed geek. I am a software developer and a serial-tech entrepreneur (Apro) . My tech-related experience allows me to understand exactly what users are looking for, and I try my best to bring it to them.

Software Battle is my passion project and the project I dedicate more time to, even though I have multiple online ventures.

If I’m not online, I’m probably walking through nature. I love hiking and the outdoors in general.

Despite the success I’ve managed to achieve with Software Battle, I‘m afraid that my sole efforts might not be enough to make Software Battle as big as it can be. That’s why I am looking for people with similar passions. People that share my vision. People that understand the value that a website such as Software Battle can give to the online world.

If you are one of those people, please, do get in touch. Together we can reshape the online world.

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