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AdWords Consultant: Optimizing Google’s Power With It


Every day, Google processes over 8.5 billion searches. Owing to this, many people have realized that an expert’s help is needed to run Google Ads campaigns. They need it to the point that searching for “Google AdWords Consultant” generates over 10 million results in less than a second.     The crux of providing these …

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Software Penetration Testing: Assess Software’s Security


If you’re responsible for the security of your company’s software, then you need to know about penetration testing. Penetration testing is a process by which you can evaluate the security of your software by simulating attacks on it.     In this blog post, we’ll discuss what software penetration testing is, how it works, and …

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Billion-Dollar Industry of Reselling


Sneaker collecting started off as a hobby. When these collectors started trading unique sneakers with each other, they realized that it had the potential to become a multi-billion dollar industry. However, the secrets of collecting and trading lie with sneaker resellers alone but they don’t speak about their craft. Normal people do not understand the …

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