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How to Download KIK for PC – The Comprehensive Guide

This article is going to show you how to download KIK for PC. You will still remain in touch with loved ones even when you are on your computer .


What is KIK Messenger?

When Kik messaging application was launched back in 2009, it was only used on mobile devices. It allowed people to communicate using codes, phone numbers and usernames.

Thanks to ingenuine ideas, it is now possible to use KIK on your laptops and desktop computers.

KIK app is available for Android, Windows and Mac. Like other similar apps, you get to send messages, documents, emoji, videos and much more.

But there are more benefits to having it on your phone or computer. Let’s go over a few.


Benefits of Having Kik Messenger on Your PC

Here are a few benefits of using KIK messenger to your PC.

  • Simplicity: KIK is made to be simple and straightforward. Moreover, you can also choose to customize it to your liking.
  • Privacy: It is so much more interesting to chat over the internet and remain anonymous. You can air your views without fear of victimization or even tarnish your reputation.
  • User-Friendly. KIK is by far one of the most user-friendly messaging applications available on the internet. For instance, if someone sends you a link, you can open it right from the chat without having to open another tab or leaving the page.
  • Continuity. Once in a while, it is inevitable that something may come up as you are chatting with a friend, and you have to leave the chat. Your expectation would be that you will pick up the conversation right from where you left it. KIK is made exactly for that.

KIK for PC

Thus, you no longer need to worry about where you left your chat. You can come back and continue right where you left it at.

  • Unique Customization Features. The customization features KIK offers its users are next-level. For example, you can choose a different background for different chats, or pick unique notification sounds for each. In addition, you can know who sent you a message even before you open that chat.

How to Download KIK for PC Windows

There are two alternatives that you can use when downloading KIK. You can either use an Android emulator, or install it directly.

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1. Using an Android Emulator

For this option, you must install an Android OS emulator on your PC. Good news is that this is sineedd does not need any technical knowledge.

The Android emulator allows you to run KIK Android application right on your laptop or desktop. You can also use it to run any other Android application on your PC.

The most common Android emulators are:

  • Bluestacks
  • Genymotion
  • Andyroid

Let’s see how each works.



bluestacks emulator

This is one of the best Android simulator software, and also what we recommend you use to run KIK. It is loved for its stability, compatibility, as well as free features offered. It is also available for both Mac and PC.



geny motion emulator

Image credit:

Though not as loved as Bluestacks emulator, Genymotion provides a convenient way of running Android applications on PC. It is free to download and works well with minimal issues.



This is one of the newest emulators to hit the market. It is higher tech and has better features compared to most of its competitors. Furthermore, it’s also said to be more powerful and convenient to use. It is available for Windows and Mac too.


Installing and Launching the Emulator

After downloading your preferred emulator, follow these simple steps to install and run it.

  • Open the folder containing the downloaded emulator.
  • Double click on the emulator to start the installation process. Follow the installation instructions and grant the application any rights needed.
  • After installation, we recommend taking the emulator for a test run to confirm it runs without any issues.

Downloading and installing KIK file to emulator

Now that your computer has a working Android interface installed, it is time to get KIK messenger installed too.

Download KIK for PC app and save it on your computer, then run it using your emulator.

Note that, every emulator will have a different installation process. Assuming that you installed Bluestacks, these are the steps to follow:

  • Find the folder where you saved the KIK app and double click to run it. You will note that it has the Bluestacks logo by default. In most cases, you will have to wait a few seconds for it to load up.

This will run Bluestacks and automatically run the KIK app.

  • In case the app fails to open using this method, right click on the file and select the ‘Open with…’ option. Next select Bluestacks Emulator, then click OK. You can now chat and exchange files and videos with friends and family.

2. Installing the software directly

You can also opt to install the software directly. With this approach, you do not need to download an emulator to your computer. You will need access to a virtual Android operating system from your PC.

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One of the biggest advantages of this is that you do not need to know how to download or install applications to your PC.


Here are the steps to follow for this to work:

    • Get a website that will allow you to run Android files online. The most common, and one that we recommend, is the Official Manyomo Website.
    • Next, you will need to customize your account to use the online emulator. For this, you will need to key in your details such as are necessary to create an account.
    • When you finish the above steps, you can now launch the emulator. At this stage, you will be asked whether you prefer launching the emulator using an app or URL. We recommend using the app.

You can now launch KIK application on your browser with ease.

An advantage of this process is that creating an account with Manyomo is completely free. The emulator is also compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chromium, etc. so you can use it with your favorite browser.


What to do When Your Downloaded KIK App Stops Working?

Similar to other apps, KIK may fail. Here are some tips to help you troubleshoot and fix the problem.


1. Failure to open documents, videos, or images

This is a very rare occurrence. But when it does happen, the problem will most probably be with the connection of the person that sent the file.

It’s possible their internet connection failed before the file uploaded. In most cases, having them resend the file will fix the issue.


2. Failure to log into your account

This can only happen if your internet connection is poor, or if your app is not updated to the latest version. Furthermore, an unauthorized access can cause this, although this is a rare occurrence.

To overcome this, you may need to ensure your app is always up to date. If the problem persists, try re-installing the application.

kik app stops working

Image courtesy

What to do to Ensure Your KIK app is Safe from Unauthorized Access


1. Be Confidential

Do not fill out all your confidential information when giving details about yourself. This gives you a safeguard against hackers and people with malicious intent. Things like where exactly you live should not be shared.


2. Use strong passwords

Your password is your number one shield against hacking and unauthorized access. In most cases, it could be your only shield. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure your login password is secure to restrict unauthorized access. This way, you’ll be certain that your account will not be compromised in any way.

Having KIK messaging app on your PC gives you convenience when sharing ideas, chats, and files with ease. It is a great way of remaining with touch with friends and loved ones while ensuring complete safety and anonymity from people with ill intentions. So, go ahead and download KIK for PC. You will love the convenience.

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