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Track Text Messages of Your Boyfriend Without Him Knowing

Are you wondering why your boyfriend has started spending too much time on his mobile phone? Well, you definitely need to track his text messages since it might be that he has found a new love and is texting with her all night long. Or it might be just your doubtful mind and nothing else.

To make sure, you must find ways to reach his phone and check out his messages. But the only way through is to track his text messages secretly so that he wouldn’t know. For this purpose, we will show you the 3 best solutions to secretly keep an eye on your boyfriend.


Part 1: ClickFree for Tracking Text Messages

The top and the best solution is of course, ClickFree. With ClickFree, I can see my boyfriend’s text messages without his phone.

ClickFree has really helped me out quite a lot. It is one of the leading spying and tracking services in the world that lets you know what’s going on in your boyfriend’s life.

ClickFree has an immense global presence. With millions of customers in more than 190 countries of the world, ClickFree has topped the charts through its amazing features and highlights.

It is used not only by girlfriends but also by parents to keep an eye on their children effectively.

Due to its huge popularity, ClickFree has always been in the news.

Some top international media companies have praised their services and have also featured it as a top story. The New York Times, Toms Guide, TechRadar, BBC, Android Authority, and PCMag are some of them.

ClickFree is a solution that is 100% secure and safe. You can totally rely on it because it won’t ever steal your data or even attempt to do it.

ClickFree doesn’t even store anything on its own servers so there is no chance of stealing, none.




With ClickFree, reading boyfriend’s text messages is as easy as a picnic. You will find all the options on the ClickFree page. Choose your desired one and start tracking text messages right away. ClickFree makes it really easy and convenient for you to look into the messages of your boyfriend.

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Furthermore, what amazes me is that ClickFree does not include rooting or jailbreaking in its spying or tracking process. Rooting and jailbreaking are required in most of the tracking apps but not in ClickFree because it knows what damage can be done through it.


For iOS

ClickFree allows you to track text messages of your boyfriend even if he uses an iPhone or an iPad. You can easily get into his phone and look for answers about your doubts. For iOS devices, ClickFree offers complete remote solutions where you will not have to touch the target device even once.

ClickFree does this amazing work through the use of the iCloud feature found in every iPhone. iCloud has all the data of that phone so ClickFree makes use of it for its remote tracking. You just need to provide the iCloud details of the particular iPhone and ClickFree will track its text messages for you.


For Android

For tracking text messages on an android phone, ClickFree provides effective solutions but these solutions are not as remote as those for iPhones and iPads. You will have to access the android device at least once when you will install the app on it.

As android devices do not have any features like iCloud, app installation is necessary to track text messages on these devices. If you see any app saying that it will work on android devices even without installation, know that it is most probably a fraud or a scam to steal your data.

ClickFree makes it super easy for its clients to install the app because its app is so small in size that it gets downloaded within only a couple minutes and is not even noticeable. Moreover, you can even hide if afterward and no one but you can access it with the secret word.


Part 2: Spyic for Tracking Text Messages

On the second spot, we have Spyic, one of the world’s most renowned tracking and spying apps. Spyic has been in the market for a very long time and has maintained its position steadily. It comes with some of the best features and highlights in the tracking world.

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Spyic has a name of its own. It’s tracking features are superb and you will not see anything like this anywhere else. It provides a lot of features for tracking your boyfriend’s text messages without him knowing. Spyic will give you each and every message sent or received on his phone.

Even if he deletes any message, you will be able to view it because Spyic can even get deleted messages for you. You can track his text messages on both android and ios devices. Along with message tracking, you get a ton of other features as well.

You can do a lot more with Spyic. You can even look into your boyfriend’s social media accounts to know more about him. If there’s something fishy, you will definitely find it there.


Part 3: Spyier

Last but not the least, we have Spyier. Spyier is the third best when it comes to phone tracking and tracking text messages without anyone knowing. Spyier has an incredible set of features that make it very popular among other tracking apps in the market.




If you wish to keep an eye on your boyfriend’s phone, Spyier can help you with that. You can not only read his messages but also get his call records with Spyier. What’s more, you can even record his calls if you want to.

Spyier also has an amazing keylogger that will allow you to know every keystroke made on his phone. This way you can also know many important passwords and secret things.



So, these were the three world’s best tracking services of all time that would allow you to know your boyfriend’s loyalty towards you. ClickFree is the ultimate best so we recommend that you use it. It is more than just a tracking app for messages. It is an all-in-one solution for all your tracking and spying needs.

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