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How to Sell Technique Escaping Fraudsters?

In the XXI century, more and more stores are moving to the Internet to sell technique.

This is due, on the one hand, to the global epidemic of owl, quarantines.

And on the second – the development of technology

Agree that there are fewer costs on the Internet.

For example, for rent, advertising (not always), and many other processes.




We can’t imagine life without gadgets, in this age.

The number of unscrupulous sites that are designed to bait us has also increased.

Gadgets prey via the Internet.

In this article, I will share my experience.

You will learn how to buy, upgrade or sell technique or old appliances.

How not to bump into a cheater and choose a reliable site (using site Gadgetpickup).


Why Is It So Easy to Scam Us When Selling Technique?

We rarely wonder where to buy clothes, appliances, or books.

After all, the answer is obvious, in the market or in any specialized store.

The simplicity of the decision is fact that the buyer in any case can see, feel the goods and buy them where the price will be acceptable and the quality will not be lower than expected.



On the Internet, all of our real life experience of product selection is of no use whatsoever.

We don’t have the opportunity to touch the product, to check its performance and the absence of flaws in our purchase.

The network is just full of forums, auctions and message boards, where you can buy cheaply what you need.

Or sell technique or unused items for a reasonable price.

The main motive for buying used goods is their price. 

When buying new goods online, time savings is what we really find attractive.

The ease of the purchase itself and the ease of receiving an order.

The main motive for our online shopping is the ease of choosing a product and the time spent on the buying process. 

In addition, for some people online shopping is a way of additional income.

Or even the main source of income, if it is a small business.

So how to determine among the masses of proposals on the Internet where there are crooks and where are the professionals?

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Signs of Fraud When Selling Technique

Here are the signs that are important for me and make me realize that we are dealing with an unfair counterparty, or simply a cheater.


Main Signs of Fraud When Selling Technique

– There is no phone number or a disposable phone number is used for deception. Or contact with the seller is maintained only through electronic means of communication (personal correspondence, e-mail, instant messaging).

Under these conditions, the seller’s name is fictitious or absent.

– An ad is written carelessly, there are numerous grammatical errors (not typos), transliterations. There are no pictures of the item or they are not real.

– The price of the item is too low compared to similar offers from other sellers. A special case can be the situation with smartphones, clothes, shoes, cosmetics. You will still get the goods, but it will be a cheap Chinese copy of the chosen branded model.

– A seller is ready to send the goods by cash on delivery, but requires a small prepayment as insurance to compensate for his shipping costs.

– The seller offers you copies of his documents (passport, driver’s license, student ID card) as proof of his identity. Such copies are most likely forged in a graphic editor, and do not guarantee anything.

– They accept payment for goods is only to the account in the anonymous electronic payment system.

–  A seller accepts payment to a card on a name other than that of the seller.


Why Should Gadget Pickup Be an Example?

First – my repeated experience.

I have used the services of the site more than once.

Thus, I can immediately rule out fraud.

Judging by my sales and purchases through this site I can say with confidence – their reputation among customers is very important.

Otherwise – bankruptcy threatens the company.

In the fight for customers and profitability Gadgetpickup offers very favorable conditions for the sale and purchase of equipment.

Based on the condition of your devices, you will be offered a real adequate price for the goods.

The priority for customers here is price-quality.


How Does This Happen?

Follow our steps in just 4 simple steps:

Go to the site. (Try it now and see for yourself).

  1. offers a simple process to evaluate the make, model and condition of your gadget. Once the company’s appraisers receive your device, experts will examine it and analyze its condition. They will also specify the model, year of manufacture and many other details. All this will help to offer a satisfactory price for both the seller and the buyer.
  2. The company provides a free UPS/USPS shipping label for all exchanges. Print, package, and ship the item you wish to sell. The label is valid for 14 days for shipment. If you do not ship the item within 14 days, the price of the item will be adjusted to reflect the prices offered on the date you receive the item. Turn in your package at your local UPS/USPS office and receive a return receipt. This will minimize any shipping risks.
  3. After the service receives and reviews your item, you will receive payment in the method of your choice. There are three payment options: check, PayPal, or Zelle. If your offer is changed for any reason, you will receive an email with a detailed description and an adjusted amount. Say you are not satisfied, the company will return the unit to you free of charge. If there is no response from you within 48 hours, your payment will be sent back with a corrected check amount.
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In this way, I can state 100%:

If you are wary and don’t want to fall into the hands of scammers, choose services in which you are confident.

Which have a good customer base or reviews.

Thus, my experience with has been successful many times.

I confidently recommend it to anyone who wants to sell technique or their old unwanted appliances at a good price.

In addition, it is up to you to decide with whom and on what terms to cooperate.



In conclusion, there have always been and always will be unscrupulous companies wanting to deceive us.

Moreover, no matter how much the government or other organizations try to influence it.

It is almost impossible to eradicate it.

Especially on the Internet!

There will always be those who see deception as a way to simplify their lives at the expense of others.

Judging by trends in developed and developing countries, the market for online sales will only grow.

For example, think of eBay, Taobao, stores that sell refurbished goods.

Cheap second-hand goods will always be in demand as long as they have an attractive price and did not lose consumer qualities.

The methods of fraud will continue to improve.

Thus, it’s up to you to keep an eye on it, to analyze and reduce our own risks and the risks of those around us by sharing our knowledge and experience. 

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