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Cliqued Media Custom Website Design Galway

The business of digital marketing and custom website design continues to grow unabated.

This is happening as more and more companies realize that in order to survive they need to reconsider existing mindsets and business models.

In Ireland, Cliqued Media custom web design Galway is at the forefront of this revolution.

Websites are fast becoming the core focus area for any organization that wishes to compete on an even keel and to grow their business.




The traditional static website of old just does not cut it anymore.  

Consumers now demand a seamless and more rewarding user experience, found only on the more modern and responsive websites.

They want spontaneity and immediate access to information.

And they want a quality experience, whether searching on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

With this in mind, it is essential that companies recognize these trends and invest in websites that do justice to their brands.

Customized website design that takes into consideration the needs of the target market is the answer.      


Growth Of E-Commerce Ireland

Driven by increasing consumer demand for online shopping, e-Commerce in Ireland continues to grow exponentially.

Many organizations are experiencing a strong move by customers away from the traditional ‘bricks n mortar’ stores, to the safety and convenience of online apps

In some instances, what were previously smart and shiny stores, have now been transformed into distribution outlets.

Purchasing online and then collecting at the physical distribution outlet, has become the way to go for some businesses. 

This is important stuff for any sales and marketing organization.

It means that their website has become the primary ‘port of call’ for customers, as they search for and purchase products.

No company would want an old and outdated image at its flagship store, and the same should apply to its website. 


What Is Custom Website Design Galway?

A ‘custom website’ is considered by real professionals like Cliqued Media, to be a completely unique website.

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This is the website designed and customized from scratch to a specific brief and objectives. 

Customized websites, on the other hand, are those where the developer has simply modified an existing template on a platform like WordPress.

Want to ensure that you are meeting the objectives for your website, as well as getting what you are paid for?

When appointing a new website developer, you must be sure to clarify the issue of ‘custom’ versus ‘customized’.

A template-based website often lacks the latest website technology.

It is unlikely to allow for the design of a responsive site, that is capable of delivering on any mobile platform.

It may also not work on all web browsers. This is simply not an option anymore.

While a fully custom website will be more expensive than a customized one, there is no comparison when it comes to delivering on quality, image, and performance.  

When appointing a website developer for your new site, you must ensure that she/he is well versed with the latest SEO updates and latest web technologies.

This will help the development of a masterpiece, that going to rank in the search engines and will be a valuable piece of resource for its readers.


Brand Image & Personality in Custom Website Design

Marketing is all about achieving a consistent brand experience for the customer, across all marketing touchpoints, and as the most important of these, this includes your website.  

When it comes to developing a new website, your primary objective should be to create a great user experience.

Visitors should feel at home on your site and should be interacting with design and content that feels familiar to them.

You must aim to ensure that: 

  • the design of your new website reflects the image and personality of your brand and conforms to the look and feel found on all your other marketing platforms.
  • the content reflects the brand’s particular personality and tonality and is constantly kept original, relevant and fresh. 
  • the interface provides a seamless experience, with ease of navigation and a dash of speed. 
  • the trust and credibility of your site (especially if you’re into e-commerce), is beyond reproach. 
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A fully custom website design, aimed at satisfying the needs of a specific target audience, is the only way to achieve the above.

It makes for a premium user experience.

The technology inherent in a customized website also allows for the site to evolve and grow with the brand, as it adapts to new changes and trends.

The process should be carefully planned out beforehand.

With the input and advice of a specialist website design agency like Cliqued Media


Seo Galway

Let’s not forget the aspect of search engine optimization (SEO).

Along with the development of a custom website design, come the experts in both website development and management.

It also includes web hosting and ongoing SEO.

Custom design allows for better search engine optimization, a prerequisite for achieving excellent search results for your brand.


Web Design Dublin Cost Versus Benefits

Just because you’re a smaller company, doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a cheap and nasty unresponsive website.

If you choose the right partners, you may just be able to afford a custom-designed site.

A custom-designed website with all the bells and whistles (often unnecessary), can be rather expensive.

However, with correct planning, great design, and the use of a professional web developer, affordable websites are achievable.

Even for smaller companies.

In today’s business environment a good custom-designed website has the potential to provide a real strategic advantage.

What you lose on the swings, you gain on the roundabout.

A professionally designed website that consumers find appealing, rewarding, and easy to use, will more than makeup for the initial investment.

It could be in the form of loyal customers and an increase in sales.

Custom website design Galway Ireland will continue to grow.

As consumer demand for online shopping increases and as e-commerce Ireland expands with this demand.

For example, we suggest that you take the plunge and invest in your business now.

Contact a leading website designer to discuss your requirements for success. 


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