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Creating an Extraordinary Customer Value Proposition

Nowadays a lot of online entrepreneurs struggle with making their businesses thrive even not knowing what Customer Value Proposition is. The main difficulty is the fact that there is an increasing number of ambitious and innovative competitors with creative ideas and solutions.




Once you lack the ability to adapt to constantly changing market and clout you may easily be missed out by your potential customers. And these days they expect more than ever bright and state-of-the-art solutions, honesty and value.

In this article, I would like to emphasize the last one as it has a significant impact on the customer’s decisions and frequently is a determinant of business success. 


Customer Value Proposition is Valuable for Customers 

In the era of the market full of things and solutions, customers are more demanding than ever before. They don’t want an average product or service but one that will sweep their off their feet. Since they have a privilege of choice they expect companies to come with an offer to them, not the other way round. And they choose the one that provides then with an added value that the competitors’ option lacks. 

Frequently it is not even the quality of a product or service that is the most crucial. What truly matters is a story behind a specific solution. If you show unambiguously that a product or service you offer to sell has an added value that distinguishes it from the others on the market, the odds of enticing customers to purchase from you are definitely in your favor.

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However, this is not an obligation of customers to find value in your solution. You need to slightly guide them to see it. And you are able to do this writing a Customer Value Proposition. And how do you write a Customer Value Proposition?


Writing a Spotless Customer Value Proposition

A Customer Value Proposition (CVP) is a promise of value that is an integral part of your product or service and that you agree to deliver to your leads once they purchase from you.

Hence, this promise is a well-thought and deep statement consisting exclusively of necessary words and an image or a video, which altogether makes potential customers absolutely desire your solution. As they know they need it to solve their problems. 


A CVP consists of:

  • a heading,
  • a subheading,
  • bullet points, 
  • an image or a video
    and… that’s it!

A CVP is not meant to be a super complex statement with loads of information, a few graphics and added music tone at the end. It has to be:

  • clear,
  • concise, 
  • easy to read in 5 seconds, 
  • attention-grabbing, 
  • convincing,
  • inspiring trust. 

In order to create a high quality and appropriate CVP, you need to use adequate words and absolutely not go over the edge.

Use easy statements, meaningful words and, one but perfect, image or video. It will work way better than putting too much into it what could have a repulsive effect on viewers.


Choosing the Most Valuable Value

However, before writing anything you should determine around which aspect of your solution you should center your entire CVP. Your product or service probably comes with a decent number of values that make it absolutely essential for customers.

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I am sure you can easily outnumber them and once you do it you have made the first step.

The next one is to examine your target audience. Try to determine what is their primary problem that your product can help them eradicate. Don’t go over the edge – it needs to be a truly most crucial one, neither two, nor three (even tiniest little ones!).

Once you know which one it is, you are ready to go and to write a perfect CVP that unambiguously proves to your audience that your solution is what they need. Only if you do it properly you have chances of engaging trust and action among your potential customers. 

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