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6 Must-Have Chrome Extensions to Improve Your Security Online

Google Chrome accounts for nearly 70% of global desktop browser usage. When you factor in mobile use and browsers built on the Chromium source code, nothing even comes close to Chrome’s web dominance. 

Security Online

The best and often underrated feature of Chrome is the option to download and install extensions. They can take your browsing experience to the next level. Chrome has extensions for everything — from increasing productivity to finding online shopping deals. 

But many Chrome users forget to take advantage of extensions, ensuring privacy and security. It’s time to change that. Here’s the list of top Chrome security extensions you should add to your browser right away.


HTTPS Everywhere 

Over the last few years, more sites have adopted the HTTPS standard. You can recognize it from the small lock icon in your URL address bar. A website with “HTTPS” has an encrypted connection meaning nobody can track data you submit to the site. These security enhancements prevent many cybersecurity threats. 

Unfortunately, not all sites support this standard by default. But with HTTPS Everywhere extension, you can get an HTTPs connection on sites that otherwise offer an insecure connection. Once you install it, it works automatically, too, so you can browse with peace of mind. 



The creators of the renowned virtual private network, NordVPN, have taken their security expertise to protect your passwords. This year they released a Chrome password manager called NordPass. 

You can use it for secure and efficient storing, organizing, and accessing your passwords and sensitive information. It’s all kept in a digital vault shielded by top-level encryption. It also syncs across your devices so you can access your accounts no matter where you are. You’ll never have to worry about the safety of your online accounts again. 

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Do you feel uncomfortable when you see an ad for something you searched on Google moments ago? Whether you care about online privacy or want to improve performance, Ghostery is an incredible extension. It gives you control over trackers allowing you to decide which to block or unblock. Not only does it increase privacy but also your internet browsing and download speeds. 

The extension is easy to use, as well. It has a master list of all tracker types in settings. You can block or unblock them one by one. At the same time, you can also click the Ghostery button when browsing to check the trackers on any page. 

Ghostery is ready to use as soon as you install it with decent default settings in the basic free mode. But consider upgrading to premium. You get even more robust features for only $2 a month.


Avast Online Security

Avast is an excellent Chrome security option. Avast offers protection against phishing attacks, page scan tools, and even auto-corrects mistakes to prevent you from ending up on fake websites. 

It also blocks tracking cookies and uses a community rating system for websites. It has over 400 million users’ input, letting you know whether a site is safe or not. If it is, you see a thumbs up and if not, a thumbs down. With Avast, it’s never been easier to browse the web safely. 


Click & Clean

Click & Clean is a simple extension — but super useful. It clears all elements of your online activity in one click. Stored data, internet history, cookies, cache, web SQL databases, saved URLs, and anything else you may want to delete — one click, and it’s gone.

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It also includes a built-in antimalware tool that scans your device for malware. Best of all, you can customize the extension. For example, you can configure it to delete whatever data you want to go while keeping what you need.



uMatrix is a broad matrix-based firewall which can enhance your privacy and security. It gives you full control over your browser. You determine where your browser can connect to, the types of data that it can download, what scripts it can execute, and more. 

As you can imagine, uMatrix is a little more advanced and technical to use. But it has a great user community that can help you figure out how to best tailor it to your needs. 


Best Security Extensions for Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a fantastic web browser. It’s fast, convenient, and customizable. That’s the main reason it went from 0% of the market when it debuted in 2008 to take out the king of all browsers, Internet Explorer, in a few years

These great extensions take your privacy and security to the next level. Best of all, they’re all affordable and easy to use. Be sure to add them to your Chrome browser today.

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