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How to Install IPA Files on iPhone Using AppCake

Most people have heard of AppCake, a well-known iOS platform for installing unofficial IPA files onto the iPhone and iPad. At one time, it was a Cydia tweak, available only if you installed a jailbreak on your device.




Now, with so few working jailbreak utilities about, the developers made the decision to bring their app to everyone, regardless of whether they have a jailbreak on their device or not.


What Is AppCake for Installing IPA Files?

AppCake is similar to an app store, only this one is packed with unofficial and modified IPA files. Until now, if you wanted to install an unsigned app onto your device, you would have used Cydia Impactor.

But this is limited to only allowing you to install three apps and it requires your Apple ID to sign the files. Now AppCake has entered the scene and it does much the same thing but there are no limits on how many apps you can install.

Another important difference is that Cydia Impactor requires you to download an IPA file from elsewhere; AppCake already has thousands of IPA files to install.

AppCake has been in existence since 2008; iPhonecake has developed it and iPASTORE has distributed it. It has only recently been available to the general public without needing a jailbreak and it has been updated to support all devices on iOS 9 to iOS 13.


AppCake Features

AppCake offers users lots of features to ensure your experience with the app is top-notch:

  • It is completely free
  • Supports iOS 9 through iOS 13
  • The developers have categorized all the apps and games, making it easy for you to find what you are looking for
  • You can even download jailbreak tools, including the popular Electra and Unc0ver jailbreaks – a safer way of installing a jailbreak
  • Choose from thousands of IPA files – apps, games, utilities, emulators, screen recorders, and much more
  • Search facility built-in to help you locate an app or game
  • Support for installing external IPA files
  • User-friendly, easy to navigate
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Built-In File Manager

If all that weren’t enough, AppCake has a built-in file manager. Here, you can see your app download progress and manage all the IPA files you download.

A web server built right into the app lets you access your files from any web browser you choose. That means you can easily download and upload files between your iPhone/iPad and your desktop computer.


Customizable Settings

Lastly, AppCake has some customizable settings.

They include a setting that helps fix iOS 12 and iOS 13 app crashes and one that will automatically install apps as soon as you have downloaded them, saving you having to do it manually.


How to Install AppCake on iOS:

AppCake is easy enough to install on non-jailbroken devices, however, you should be aware that unsigned apps are signed using enterprise certificates and these can be revoked at any time by Apple:

  1. Using Safari browser, install AppCake onto your iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap on Install on the popup window – this gives the app permission to install
  3. Go to your home screen – the app icon shows up when the installation is finished
  4. Open Settings > General and then Profiles
  5. Tap the new app profile, tap Trust, and close Settings
  6. AppCake is yours to use

And you can sign external files too:

  1. Find and download the IPA file you want to install – make sure it is from a reputable site
  2. Send it to AppCake
  3. Launch AppCake and go to Downloads
  4. Tap the file and it will be installed
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AppCake has thousands of apps and that includes loads of modified stock apps and premium apps, all free of charge. It is, in essence, a pirate app store and we do not encourage the use of piracy.

We ask that you use AppCake as a way of checking out apps and games before you purchase the official version from the developer.


Is AppCake Safe?

AppCake is 100% safe to use. They regularly monitored it and any issues that the developers spot or that users report are fixed straight away. It is important that you install every update the developer releases – if you don’t, they cannot guarantee your safety.

Plus, because no jailbreak is needed, you don’t compromise your device security. A thorough test of the app shows no malware, viruses, adware, or anything else, and you don`t need an  Apple ID either. However, it is always wise to use anti-virus software on your device when installing unofficial content.

AppCake is 100% free to use and safe and you won’t find a more comprehensive selection of IPA files to install anywhere else. Try it today and see what you think – you won’t go back to the official app store once you’ve used AppCake.

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