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Do You Find Transfer of EML to Outlook Confusing?

Look no further. This article will provide you with a guide to help move EML files to Microsoft clients safely. If you need to transmit messages from another mailing client, the file extension is the source of most problems. Transformation is not a smooth process unless you are armed with special tools.


EML to PST conversion is a common search query. This article aims to tell what are the EML and PST formats and approaches the best method to Import EML to Outlook with the description of the way that achieves the goal quickly. You could still try the manual ways, but these do not guarantee perfect transition. Here is an overview of the most common approaches.

What is EML?

The EML extension is an acronym for E-mail created by Microsoft Corporation. EMLs aimed to store e-mails in text formats. The structure of the EML file is typical and usually contains the header and the content of the mail. It also includes the e-mail address of the sender and recipient, the subject, time and date of delivery. E-mail messages may also indicate attachments and other hyperlinks that the sender pasted on the EML file. So, the EML files can be viewed without restriction by other operating systems and various browsers, preferred by users.

What is PST?

PST files are data extensions created for MS Outlook — a personal manager and part of the Microsoft Office Package. It is most often used as an e-mail app; it also has other elements such as contact and task manager, journal and calendar, therefore it makes the Outlook quite universal and popular among users. PST files are used to store personal info by Microsoft Outlook. This data may include contacts, addresses, mail folders, and other info. Such files have a 2GB limit so it can influence the program performance if the files are close to the limit.

Reasons for Migration

In comparison with Thunderbird and the like, Microsoft client is most suited to professional needs. Employees need Calendars, Tasks and other features notably absent in alternative clients. EML is the standard used by WLM, SeaMonkey, Apple Mail, and the now-discontinued Outlook Express. Here are a few examples of manual methods that are possible but not recommended.

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1. Via Microsoft Outlook

This helps when EML files are simply stored on your machine with no compatible mail client to open them.

1. Fire up the program.
2. Head to the section with saved EML files.
3. Select a file and drag-and-drop it into PST.
4. You will now be able to open and view EML.
Please note that this method is suitable for moderate numbers of EML files. With large volumes, it is best to use a special tool. You will also need to make sure the Outlook client has been properly configured.

2. Via WLM

1. Generate a backup copy of your data.
2. Run both clients.
3. In WLM, follow the sequence: File — Export — E-mail messages.
4. Pick MS Exchange for the export option and click Next.
5. You should see a pop-up notifying about exporting of all e-mails. Hit OK. You may transfer selected folders only.
6. Hit OK.
7. Once Export Complete wizard appears, select Finish.
In this case, you must have both clients installed on the same machine. Outlook must be installed and configured properly.

Why You Need Side Apps?

The clash of formats is what makes any manual manipulations unreliable. When you consider mail client change, chances are the emails you move are important. Why risk losing any of the data in the process? You can easily find affordable software that will make the procedure quick and error-free.

1. Speed
Instead of spending hours struggling with manual steps, you could delegate the transfer to a utility and get results fast. By using special tools, you will be a few clicks away from your goal.
2. Convenience
Since transfer is automated, there is no need to delve into technical jargon to understand the specifics and purpose of each step. The user interface is simple and understandable even to inexperienced users.
3. Reliability
Many things can go wrong during manual attempts. Losing data is hardly a desirable outcome. A program that was devised for the sole purpose of EML transfer will ensure the transition runs smoothly.

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Why to choose the Outlook Transfer?

Due to the fact that EML is a common mailing formal, there is a long list of apps that use it to store the files. For instance, the Bat has 65 000 clients among the governmental organizations, banks, financial institutions, aerospace, oil and gas enterprises, software and hardware companies, a wide range of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individuals. As far as this is a commercial product, some clients prefer to migrate for any of the free e-mail clients. Therefore, many of them stop their choice on MS Outlook, aiming to reduce costs on software or just because this product is convenient for doing business.

The Outlook Transfer is a simple program to perform the fast and easy transition to MS Outlook. It automatically imports EML messages to PST format and has at least 5 advantages to consider:

1) It has the quickest engine on the market among similar apps;
2) It recreated the folder`s structure;
3) It increases the file value to 4 GB and could split the bigger one into parts if necessary;
4) Offers free-trial version to check all the advantages of the app;
5) Promotes 3 types of licenses that offer the opportunity to save some money on purchasing the exact services you need. You can involve an unlimited number of users or just use the app only yourself.

Thus, this program is a good solution for your E-mail transition.

What makes a person successful? Probably, the ability to use his or her time with a profit. When delegating the time-consuming tasks to professionals you are able to use this spot for arranging business meetings or making your job-related duties. In that way, it is reasonable to find ways to make your work more effective. Make your time as profitable as possible with Outlook Transfer.

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