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Best Steps to Fix Broken Internet Connection

The internet is something we are relying on every day, in fact, every moment, to carry out our personal and professional tasks. A smooth, fast and consistent internet connection is necessary to make it all happen.




This is the reason one should be very careful when looking for reliable internet providers and do the adequate research required when it comes to the plans and offers.

It is because of your daily routines chores, as well as professional and educational activities, cannot be performed at all without a seamless internet connection.


How to Fix Broken Internet Connection?

Even if you opt for a top provider known for providing the fines internet services, there can be times when your internet might get broken for any obvious reasons. It could be a network error, a weather condition or a system issue that can lead to an interrupted internet connection.

But worry no more because we are here with the most effective tips to save you from the anxiety of a broken internet. It is important to know the ways to fix your faulty internet connection so you can enjoy an uninterrupted connection.

Without further ado, let us have a look at our best-compiled tips to make your internet work again!


Reset Your Modem

Most of the connections that we use nowadays come with a modem given by our provider. There are a number of issues that we can confront because of a faulty modem.

If you are facing any internet issues, the first thing you should do is check your modem. You must first check the lights on your modem as they might hint you an error if any.

Though modems have a wide range of make and model, yet generally most of them have green lights with the signs send, receive, PC activity and online or something similar to it imprinted on the modem.


Check the Modem-Lights 

The point is that if any two of the green lights are either off or blinking continuously then know that there must be some issue. The solution is simple. Look out for a reset button and press it to let the magic happen. Wait for a while and see if all the four green lights are operational again.

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If yes, then well done! That might have repaired your internet. Check to confirm by opening a web page and see if your internet is back on track and working as fast as it is supposed to be. If you still find it unable to connect, then you can proceed to the next step.


Reset the Router

The next step involves resetting your router. Many internet connections run through a router so if it is the case then you can try resetting your router. 

For that you will be required to unplug it, wait for a while and plug it back again. Again, wait for a few seconds till the lights become stable again. Now you can test if your internet is working properly.

In most cases, it does. However, if not, then you can try the next step.


Change the Router Channel

The latest routers come with dual bands including a 2.4 GHz and a 5 GHz band. The 2.4 band is standard for wireless connectivity while a 5 GHz band caters faster downloads and reduced interference. So, try switching to a 5 GHz band to fix the internet issue and boost your connection speed. 

You can check your router manual to find out how can you switch your band to 5 GHz since there might be varying methods to do so for different routers. 

Once you did that, you can test your internet for any prominent difference. We also advise using your internet compatible devices within a range of 12 to 15 feet of your router for the best speeds.  


Check Ethernet Cords

If your internet issue still exists, then it is a good idea to check the Ethernet cables for any possible problem. With your modem and router checked and being functioning smoothly, it is time to proceed with testing the ethernet cords to be connected properly. 

Find out if the Ethernet cord making firmly between your router and modem. There might be any wear and tear causing any interruptions in connectivity. 

You can check all the cables for any possible break or loosening. If all the cables see, fastened and connected properly and you feel the cable is reliable enough, yet you still face a broken internet connection then you can move on to the next step.

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Re-Position a Router

You can also try changing the position of your router since its placement matters in ensuring an uninterrupted internet connection. Bring it closer and removing any metal object around that might be hindering the connection. 

Choose a central spot to place your router so that you can experience better signal strength and an uninterrupted connection.  Thus it can help improve or fix the internet speed. 


Scan for Viruses or Malware

You can also face internet disruptions in case your computer or device is being attacked by any spam, spyware, worm or any suspicious malware or virus that can be slowing down your system. 

Therefore, it is always suggested to run periodic antivirus scans on your systems to avoid any such annoying situation. It is always beneficial to use reliable and authentic antivirus software to perform the necessary repair if required. 

The antivirus will help you get rid of any suspicious malware or virus invading our device so that it’s working efficiency and internet speeds can be restored. 


Contact Internet Service Provider

If you have tried all the steps and still facing the same problem then chances are that there must be wrong ion the network at your provider’s end. So, it is better to contact your provider straight away and inform him of your internet issue. 

You can get to know if there is an outage in your area. Getting in touch with your provider will allow him to look into your concern, inform you of the possible reason and fix it as early as possible so your connectivity can be restored. 


Summing Up

A broken Internet connection is something that we can hardly ignore, even for a few hours. The disturbance that it brings in our lives is a genuine concern.

Therefore, make sure you repair your internet by using the aforementioned steps and save yourself from the internet disconnection anxiety.


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