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Top 5 Resources for Microsoft MTA Certification Exam Preparation

With the increasing popularity of Windows operating system among the general public and tech organizations, Microsoft is continuing to develop and upgrade Windows to provide features that will improve the user’s experience. With these improvements maintenance, troubleshooting, and updating requires expertise in handling Windows OS. The demand for professionals who are well versed in Windows is increasing. Employees and companies tend to shortlist candidates based on their credentials and experience, hence certification adds a great deal to your portfolio.


Reasons for getting certified by Microsoft

Microsoft has been widely renowned as a top-notch tech giant for the past few decades. Alongside its products and services, it also offers a substantial line of certifications to validate and measure skills of IT professionals. Below are a few reasons why you should choose Microsoft to obtain your qualification:

  • All major organizations, companies, and firms highly trust products and services from Microsoft. Therefore, employers tend to hire individuals who have undergone training by Microsoft and have been validated by this remarkable vendor as skilled professionals.
  • Microsoft has drafted and designed all IT certifications to meet IT industry standards and requirements of employers.
  • All Microsoft certifications can be guaranteed to be up to date, extensive, and impactful.
  • The candidate gets to choose from a large number of training courses, publications, and other exam material to enhance the knowledge on the subject. This results in better effectiveness at the workplace.
  • Undergoing training from Microsoft official training programs gives you a firm knowledge on the latest tools, recent changes, and future technologies that are to be implemented.


The Windows operating system fundamentals

Microsoft technology associate, MTA, certification for Windows Operating System Fundamentals is a world-famous credential issued for individuals who are new to the tech industry. As this certification mainly focuses on the fundamentals of Windows it will become an added asset to not only professionals but also home PC users and students.


Microsoft 98-349 exam

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To obtain the MTA qualification in Windows Operating System Fundamentals you have to pass a single exam; 98-349 test. This exam will last for 50 minutes. The number of questions will be subject to changes by Microsoft from time to time. These questions will be of various formats search as multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, drag and drop, etc. The exam content will cover the essentials of Windows OS. Some of the major topics that you will need to be with before the exam are:

  • Installing systems
  • Configuring settings and using management tools
  • Managing hardware
  • Managing applications
  • Maintenance and performing upgrades

You should expect to see 15 to 20% of the questions from each topic mentioned above.

There are no prerequisites to attempt the exam but Microsoft recommends that you complete an online training program offered by Microsoft specifically for 98-349 test.

You will be notified whether you have passed or failed the exam within a few minutes from completion.


Top 5 web resources to prepare for 98-349

Once you have received a pass you are not eligible to attempt the exam once again. Nailing that brilliant score in your first go will pay off when applying for your dream job. Preparation and practice are the two key elements that will enable you to reach a high score. Here is a collection of web resources that are known to be highly effective for 98-349 exam.

  • Microsoft Learning – Microsoft’s official platform consists of various learning options that you can choose from such as instructor-led training, classroom, and course-on-demand. Using official content to gain knowledge in the fundamentals can help develop a strong foundation in Windows 10.
  • YouTube Tutorials – There are a lot of free video lessons that are very well explained by experts in the industry. You can also find out videos on previous test takers sharing their experience and strategies they found effective.
  • PrepAway – This website contains a collection of exam questions and answers for a large number of IT certification exams from over 50 popular certification vendors. All exam questions are available as ete files that can be played using the Vumingo ETE Software. With Vumingo’s features, you will be able to practice in the interface similar to the real exam, receive feedback and performance stats for each section, and incorporate your exam material.
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Microsoft Certifications

MTA Certifications


MCSA Certifications



  • Microsoft Forums – An active forum that you can participate in to ask questions, find information about the latest changes, useful resources, tips and tricks that can be beneficial for 98-349 or any other IT certification exam offered by Microsoft.
  • Amazon – An official study guide is a must-have for learning the essentials of the exam content. On the Amazon website, you can purchase the well-reviewed official learning material with confidence.



An operating system is a key part of any technological device. Windows 10 takes a huge place in the world of OSs. A user’s experience is further propelled if he/she can put its features to good use, carry out installations and configurations, and perform updates and upgrades when necessary. The MTA certification in Windows Operating System Fundamentals is for anyone willing to enter the IT field. It helps you to expand and prove your technical skills by earning a Microsoft certification. With the right dedication and incorporation of top resources excelling 98-349 exam isn’t beyond one’s scope. You will be more effective and productive at your workplace after achieving this valuable technical credential.


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