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Why Do Veterans Do So Well in Tech?

There has been a significant shift in employment patterns thus the question of veterans in tech often comes up. This is because most major companies announced that potential employees don’t require a college degree to secure employment.

Among other employers, IBM, Google, and Apple joined this bandwagon, dropping the college degree prerequisite. According to such companies, academic courses do not translate to a strong work ethic, talent, and competency.




Evidently, most of these employers are technology companies. The IT industry has a wide array of career opportunities and anticipated growth in employment rates.

Since then, these employers have realized that veterans suit the tech industry. Veterans are both readily available with a high unemployment rate, making them a great population to find untapped talent.

Below are some reasons why veterans make good tech employees.


Veterans in Tech Are Trainable

Service members are expected to learn and develop continuously once they have joined the army. They are excellently adaptable. Especially by learning how to follow orders, complete specific tasks, take initiative, and bear responsibilities.

The army is a learning institution. This is because service members constantly return to training within a unit, personal development, or formal school as they progress their careers. The result is an individual with a growth mindset.

There is a lot of ongoing training on the fly. Service members often find themselves assigned to new responsibilities in varying environments.

For instance, despite infantry soldiers receiving basic infantry techniques training, they end up doing humanitarian relief when deployed.

They are at the forefront of peacekeeping and instructing other military teams on professional approach and tactics. Such roles require an individual with a wide set of skills.

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It is due to such adaptability that makes veterans highly qualified for tech jobs. With their flexibility, they are easily trainable to adapt to new situations and new responsibilities.



Discipline is among the primary skills that soldiers develop during their training. During their active time in the military, service members are forced to live through regimented lifestyles with strict rules to abide by.

With the current culture and lifestyle, such rules are not easy to follow. Orders and other strict guidelines should be followed without hesitation.

Such military discipline is a vital asset to any employer, especially those in the technology sector. Tech is known to be fast-paced and dynamic.

As such, discipline is what will get work done all the time and on time. Employees with good discipline will work on what is on their to-do list without excuses.


Veterans in Tech Are Attentive to Detail

Paying close attention to details is also a key character nurtured by active service personnel. Being keen keeps service members alive during deployments to dangerous regions where unexpected ambushes and bombs explode any minute.

Air force engineers also require close attention to avoid costly mistakes while flying.

All service members are required to be meticulous in their work. As for tech companies, such attention to detail assures top-notch work.

Meticulousness is a key factor in technology, where the smallest details significantly matter. Veterans provide military precision in their work. 



Only a few people employees without military experience can handle the pressure soldiers handle. Besides, only a few can handle the pressure to complete missions that soldiers do.

Veterans can undoubtedly handle perseverance drawing from their military experience of not giving up regardless of the prevailing circumstances.

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Similarly, the technology industry is still new and faces serious challenges that not every employee can handle. Therefore, tech companies should prioritize employees with perseverance.

Since they can handle problems and overcome frustrations without giving up.


Problem Solving

Surviving in the military is impossible without great problem-solving skills. Throughout military simulations, training, drills, and exercises, the military trains recruit to be creative, flexible and solve problems in all situations.

During deployments to hostile countries, military personnel must find ways of making up for discrepancies between plans to fulfill their missions.

If they could survive by solving problems when facing attacks from left, right, and center, they can solve most of the IT problems as well.



Military training aims at encouraging people to lead by example through delegation, direction, inspiration, and motivation. As such, veterans understand practical methods of managing various behaviors, even in the most trying situations.

They also understand the dynamics of leadership, including peer and hierarchical structures. Such employees are what tech companies need to achieve their goals.


Bottom Line

Employers can benefit significantly by including veterans in their workforce. Most military personnel are cross-trained, bringing multiple skills and experience in a wide range of tasks.

They appreciate the challenges and satisfaction of a well-done job. Such features are crucial for any tech company.

Fortunately, veterans without prior knowledge in technology can leverage the G.I Bill Benefits to complete their coding and other related IT studies at no cost.

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