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Best Free Hashtag Generator for the Organic Reach

Despite the development of social network algorithms, hashtags still remain the most relevant and free promotion method as well as a free hashtag generator.

There is no better way to sort and find content on social media yet.

Therefore, when you add hashtags to your posts, there is a much greater chance that this content won’t be lost among millions of posts and be delivered to your audience.




In order to adapt publications to search queries, it is worth selecting those hashtags that your audience would likely use to find you.

One can do it simply via any hashtag generator Instagram

Spoiler alert: don’t just randomly type hashtags that come to mind and do not constantly use the same set.

In this case, you are unlikely to build a strategy by which you can find buyers through your content


Reasons to Apply Tags in Your Posts and Use Free Hashtag Generator 

There 5 reasons for you to use tags:


Find Real Customers

You will be able to find real customers for your business account.

Often, Instagram users utilize internal search to discover services, products, locations.

Therefore, tags work like keywords in Google search.

If you collect exactly that target set of tags by which you can be found, then you will noticeably increase organic sales through Instagram. 

For example, if you manage the account of a nail salon in Berlin, people might find your services via search inquiry “manicureBerlin”.

When they open the hashtag gallery, a potential client will see your publications.

Your task is to create the most visually attractive post so that they tap on it and find your account. 


Teaching Intsagram Algorithm with a Free Hashtag Generator 

Tags teach the Instagram algorithm to understand what your account is about.

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And if you use tags, your account will often show users who like and interact with posts that already include such tags. 


Track the Effectiveness of Your Strategy

By hashtags, it is easy to track the effectiveness of your strategy.

And also like with paid advertising (but completely free), with the help of tags you can view the results in analytics under each post.

There you will uncover how many specific users discovered this post through tags. 

Thus, you can determine the most successful combination and use it in subsequent publications. 


Subscription to a Specific Hashtag

Tags allow your publications to appear in the feeds of people who are subscribed to on a specific hashtag.

Now on Instagram you can follow any tag as well as any account.

Hence, hashtag strategy increases the number of interested people whom your post will reach.

And most importantly, this is an absolutely free promotion method that cannot be ignored.


Secret Tips for Up-To-Date Hashtag Strategy and Using a Free Hashtag Generator 

Use special tools to amass hashtags.

Stop racking your brains every time you post.

If you randomly and thoughtlessly choose hashtags, they may turn out to be successful or may not lead to any result.

Therefore, with the help of services for generating tags, you will get semantic similar tags that you can copy, sort according to the meaning, and swap.

Do not insert the same combination many times in every post – it is the wrong strategy that sometimes can even lead to an Instagram ban.

Pick up several groups of tags according to the meaning.

For example, your company or product can be found by hashtag associated with the location where your business is placed.

Or you may be found by a niche tag related to your business. 

For example, if you are selling a yoga course, then you can be found by the hashtag #yogatraining.  


Groups of Tags

Most often, they can divide the tags into the following groups of tags:

  • location
  • niche industry
  • specific product
  • events that are popular in your niche
  • audience interests 

Often when choosing tags, people are limited to the name of the product, while potential customers can find your posts through tags related to Instagram contests, or various events.

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In order to find such tags, you may visit profiles of your top competitors and see which tags they apply.

Also, select several areas of interest for your potential audiences and collect tags for this group separately.

Use semantic synonyms. Sometimes the same keyword meaning can be presented by dozens or hundreds of similar tags.

In terms of meaning, the word will be used not in the exact form, but as a synonym. 

For example, by the keywords “nude makeup”, users can use search criteria like “no make-up”, “beige make-up”, and so on. 

To perform this, in special services you will find a selection of semantically related tags but not containing the keyword in the direct entry.

You should definitely include such variations because then your set will turn out to be as diverse as possible.


How to Choose the Best Free Hashtag Generator

To choose the best free hashtag generator, you need to pay attention to the next criteria:

  1. How often they update the tag database. No service can contain absolutely all the tags that are on Instagram because new hashtags and new galleries appear every day. However, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the service is powerful to update the collections and include the new tags. 
  2. Functionality. More advanced services will offer you the selection of tags by image and by link. For many users, this can be an advantage, because then it will simplify the research. Some tools can automatically select relevant tags by just one picture. 
  3. Pay attention to the principle of selection in tags. In simple and cheap services, it is often possible to enter only one keyword into the search. While more advanced services will have the function of entering multiple keywords for a query. If you can process several keywords at a time, then the result will be more diverse, and you will get more relevant viewers. 

To sum up, by using such words you can significantly increase your audience reach for free, organically, and your business will gain new leads.

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