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Big Data Solutions for Small Businesses

Big Data tools you need to analyze your performance, learn more about your audience, and improve your marketing. 

Big Data is not only about large-scale companies. Small and mid-sized companies should also take advantage of big data solutions to be competitive and profitable.

Those businessmen who collect data to anticipate customer behavior or create better campaigns have a better chance of beating the competition.

There is no end to how big data solutions can help your business grow.




Before we dive deeper into exploring the best big data platforms, we should consider what the product can be categorized as a big data solution:

  • Collect data from a variety of sources;
  • Transform complex big data sets into understandable data visualizations;
  • Create reports, visualizations, and dashboards based on discoveries inside the data sets.  

Here to go with the mini-collection of 3 such as Big Data Grid Dynamics, Cloudera, Dremio, and shared the findings to have bits of value for your journey in the big data analytics landscape.


Grid Dynamics and Big Data Solutions

Creating a big data platform to reveal actionable insights can seem overwhelming to take the first step.

No one wants to spend months creating a core platform from zero, learning, and making mistakes in the process. The “speed to insights” is too important.

Grid Dynamics allows business users – no matter how big their business is – to do a lot of things.

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For instance, to create a platform from zero, take their existing lakes and transform them from various kinds of raw data into enterprise-ready analytical data platforms.

Also, it can and move their data lakes to the cloud while upgrading them.

You want to create a big data platform from zero, move data from local servers to the cloud, or modernize an existing cloud platform?

Grid Dynamics can recommend the greatest tech stack tochoose for your business and plan the path towards the analytics platform together.

To speed up the incorporation of the big data platform, there are a number of functionalities such as data quality, data monitoring, anomaly detection, and artificial intelligence.

Grid Dynamics’ Analytical data platform is one of the best end-to-end solutions

It helps business users digest data trends, patterns, and anomalies and synthesize the information into understandable data visualizations.



Built on open source technology, Cloudera enables a vast amount of complex data into useful and actionable insights.

Thus, you can stay competitive and make smart decisions based on the evidence presented by big data solutions rather than gut instinct. 

Cloudera’s mission is to simplify the complexity of running apps with many data sources.

It is reachable by making it possible for multiple analytics services to coexist in one place.

That includes data engineering, data warehousing, and data science services accessed through a single dashboard with a common catalog.



Dremio is a completely new approach to data.

It managed to provide a wide range of existing analysis tools with universal, fast, and direct access to the data in a data lake. 

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Dremio puts into operation your cloud data lake storage.

Then it dramatically improves your analytics processes’ speed (with the help of SQL query engine).

In addition, it also simplifies data access for data analysts through a governed self-service semantic layer.

The result is quick and simple data analytics.

Above all, Dremio delivers the world’s first no-copy architecture, drastically simplifying the data architecture and enabling data democratization.


Take Your Next Steps Towards Big Data Solutions

In other words, big data is a big deal for companies.

Digitalization has created a massive increase in the number of information organizations collect, manage and analyze.

Along with big data comes the potential to unlock big insights – for every industry, large to small.

Thus, Big Data solutions listed above do take into account a lot of things.

For example, your deployment architecture, digital maturity, and hosting environment to help you leverage big data technology and big data consulting services to make better decisions and better business moves. 

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