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No Sound Windows 10? Top Hot Fixes for Audio Driver Issues In Windows 10 PC

Microsoft Windows 10, is one of the best and most features operating system till date. Windows 10 PC can easily manage to run on low processors like Intel Celeron to the latest 8th generation processors from Intel. But as talking of windows, then certainly, many times, sometimes the best operating system also shows up with an error. The errors are raised due to many external connections of windows to other hardware, software, or internet. One of the listed problem that sometimes windows 10 faces is sound not working in windows 10.

Easy Guide to fix audio driver

This is the common error that is not to be worried about much. It is not a major issue that will need any kind of technical assistance or help. When there is no sound in windows 10 that means there can be the various reasons that depend on some manual or system / OS settings.

You can check for all the related issues due to which the sound on windows 10 is not working. We have covered the complete article related to Windows 10 – no sound problem. Keep reading the article to figure out the exact error due to which there is a sound problem coming in windows 10.


Why There Is No Sound Output in Windows 10?

There can be many possibilities which can be the reason that there is no sound on computer in windows 10. It can be caused due to any external hardware fault like your speaker is not connected to power source, or there is a problem in the cable you are using to connect speakers, or it may be any fault in any hardware or software.

If you are still sure that there is no hardware fault on your computer and there is still no sound in your Windows, then the reason lies inside your PC. Well in such cases it is found that there is no sound in windows 10 because of some software or technical glitch in computer’s settings.

your sound can be found muted, or a low volume or there may be some kind of sound ban from the third party software you are using.

Still if but the things are completely all right for you then the problem must be arising somewhere from your driver’s files and settings. There are many discussions about the sound driver getting corrupted on various forums and technical help websites.

The case where there are sound issues in your windows 10 due to the driver is mainly caused either by missing drivers, or missing files.

Users have also claimed that there is the error of faulty sound in the system sometimes due to outdated antivirus. We would recommend you to download the latest avast antivirus with keys. This can be a quick and easy solution to your problem of no sound coming.


FIX: No Sound On Computer, Windows 10

There are many reasons for no sound in windows 10. Solving the problem out, we found many errors due to which this problem appears. The main causes of the problem are:

  1. Check Your Speakers
  2. Restart Audio Services
  3. Check Your Audio Drivers
  4. Device Manager in Windows
  5. Using Troubleshooter
  6. Check HD Audio codec using Troubleshooter

Check Your Speakers

Now before you start looking at the other solutions or the problems, let’s start with the speakers. You should always start with the easiest solution for anything. So please make the following check in order to verify that your computer speakers are perfectly working and there is some another reason for no sound in windows 10.

  • To start with, check that your speakers are perfectly plugged in.
  • Check that the auxiliary cable for the connection is connected properly.
  • Check that volume regulator is turned on to higher values, as you may be just facing low volume issues in windows 10.
  • Check for the connections of the speaker from woofer box, or amplifier.
  • Check if there is any other AUX cable connected to any other port of your CPU.
  • Manually see if your port is in good condition and doesn’t seem to be broken.
  • Check sound settings by click speaker icon on the left corner of the taskbar.

If all these things are correctly lined up then move to the next point.


Restart Audio Services

There can many times another cause for no sound on windows 10. This can be due to audio driver or settings made them self muted. Many times due to a bug in the artificial intelligence portion of your computer, Windows 10 no sound error can appear. This problem usually causes due to a long time of nonusage of sounds or speakers on your pc. But you can solve out this problem simply by restarting your sound sound windows 10

To restart your sound drivers and restore windows 10 sound follow the steps below:

  1. In the Start menu search box,
  2. type Services and press Enter,
  3. Scroll down to Windows Audio,
  4. If the service has been stopped for any reason, your system audio will not function correctly,
  5. Restart it by double-clicking and selecting Start,
  6. While you are here, double-check the service start-up type
  7. Audio services should be set to Automatic by default.

Check Your Audio Drivers

After checking for the above-listed reasons, if there still lies the problem of audio not working in windows 10. hen possible the fault has arisen due to the reason that there is any problem with your audio drivers. there can be many reasons that can cause the problems in your windows 10 sound driver.

Checking back on the Microsoft forums seeking the solution to this problem. We found that there is no sound after windows 10 update. The main reason behind this bug is that thee are some changes that have been made during your windows update process and now either you sound driver needs to be updated or repaired in order to work with the latest update of Windows 10.

Since checking the driver details of the computer and even modifying it is not an easy solution for the normal chaps. It is something that is dealt with by the coder or engineers. So you can straight away solve this problem by simply reinstalling your sound driver so that there is a fresh copy of driver and all the errors are gone.Sound, video and game controllers

Error in a driver is the oldest reason for no sound coming in windows pc. Either it is Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, or any other version of windows. Whenever you conduct a windows update, there are many chances that your computer’s drivers may be in any sort off misconfiguration with the Windows operating system.

In order to reinstall any driver in Windows 10 follows the below-listed steps:

  1. Right-click the Start button,
  2. select Device Manager,
  3. right-click your sound driver,
  4. select Properties,
  5. browse to the Driver tab.
  6. Press the Restore Driver option (if available),

This will start the restoration of your sound driver on your computer and will make your windows sound to start coming again. However, if there is a problem with the restoration and your computer is no showing the options to ensure your driver details, then you must follow the steps to reinstall drivers from new source. You can do this by these listed steps:

  1. download the driver files from your driver manufacturer’s website, or third-party sites
  2. follow the above steps from 1 to 6,
  3. Click on Uninstall. The sound driver will get uninstalled from your pc.
  4. Once you wipe the drivers, restart your system, and install the new driver.

Device Manager in Windows

You can check for the speakers not working windows 10, in your device manage along with conducting a repair and solving your problem. There may be other factors that must have blocked your sound output in windows 10. Since this output is not dependent solely on the sound drivers of the system. There can also be the error in your sound card making the windows not to deliver you with sounds from its speakers.

audio driver issues

You can check and solve the problems in your sound card by selecting the following steps:

  1. Open the Start and enter Device Manager,
  2. Open it and from a list of devices,
  3. find your sound card, open it,
  4. click on the Driver tab,
  5. select the Update Driver option.
  6. Now windows will automatically search for the latest version of the driver and install the updates for you.

Using Troubleshooter

A troubleshooter is again a unique tool that has been rolled out for users help and solutions while using windows. Troubleshooter is basically an Artificial Intelligence-based software that will help you to find a solution to any kind of problems occurring in your computer and find the solutions. Not only finding solutions, troubleshooter check for all possibilities due to which error has occurred and then apply the automatic solution for you.

  1. To run the audio Troubleshooter in Windows 10
  2. Go to Windows 10 Settings
  3. Update and Security
  4. Troubleshoot – Playing Audio

Check HD Audio Codec

Many times the reason behind the no sound windows 10 basically occurs due to the problem in the driver or the codec you have installed on your PC. If in troubleshooter or in system ray you see the IDT Audio Codec Error, then this means that the driver and the hardware you are using are not supported with each other. this means either you have to change the driver or you have to make changes in the hardware or speakers you are using with your system.

  1. Right-click the Start menu and select Device Manager,
  2. Expand the Sound, video games and controllers section.
  3. If you spot IDT High Definition Audio CODEC,
  4. right-click and select Update Driver Software.
  5. select Browse my computer for driver software,
  6. choose let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.
  7. This will let you choose from any drivers pre-installed on our system.
  8. IN the windows that have opened, select High Definition Audio Device,
  9. Click Next, then Yes.
  10. Restart your system for the changes to take effect.

Check Realtek Audio

Usually there is never a single issue with the Realtek audio, but still, it can be the last resort to solve the no sound problem in windows 10. Still, you can make a few points check on the Realtek also to see if the problem you are facing is because of some error in Realtek audio.

  • You can easily refresh your all the drivers. Sometimes there are faults in the Wi-Firelatedd drivers. It may also be the reason for your laptop speakers not working windows 10. Whether you have all the latest installed drivers, still we would recommend you to reinstall all the related drivers.
  • Disable headphone Jack Panel of your computer. It may be the reason that your lock in the headphone jack has been left engaged and due to which your system thinks you are still connected to headphones. To Disable the front panel and check for the sound.
  • Go to the Realtek website, and download the latest versions of drivers for your windows. After you have downloaded the latest drivers from Realtek site, then all you need to do is to reinstall the drivers and simply restart your system. by now your drivers will be refreshed and updated, leading to letting your problems fly away.

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