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What Editing Software Youtubers Use

Nowadays, the world is present on YouTube and social media. That’s the reason why there are content creators now and emerging. However, the idea is not enough. 




There is a need for technical work as well. Therefore, there is software. If you are eager to know what software do the YouTubers use, so here is the list. 


Software for Professionals

Professionals have always different demands and needs. Therefore, there are different software for professional YouTubers.

Some of them are must-to-use because of their features, cost, effects, and uses that make others buy at any cost. Very few of them are given below!


Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is the easiest software to use. The software has the feature of a multi-camera edition. It has built-in functions and the cheapest way to edit videos for YouTube. Moreover, a person could upload a video on Facebook, Youtube, and other platforms via it directly.

Besides, the software has the features of transitions, 3d import and export, templates and live screen captions. Pinnacle Studio has more than 200 effects. However, it is confusing to use these features.

Furthermore, the software is expensive. It will cost you $130 approximately. Yet, buy it if you have a complete YouTube channel or Facebook profile that has immense followers and fans.


Camtasia Studio Software

If you want to edit your videos professionally or want software that edits professionally, then Camtasia should be your first choice. It has effects, professional video-editor, readied themes, animated backgrounds in video forms, graphics, callouts and many other things that include templates and effects as well.

The software has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use for users. Moreover, it offers a free trial for a week. Camtasia can be used to share videos anywhere directly.

Yet, the software- which can be used on Mac and Windows, is difficult to use for beginners but there is always the presence of ground to learn. The Camtasia studio is available for free @ You just have to click on download and it will be downloaded

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Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is another easy-to-use software that comes in two modes: Standard and Advance. However, the best part is that you don’t need to pay money for both of them. You can switch from one mode to another easily.

Besides, the company updates the Final Cut Pro regularly to ensure that you will get the best service. Yet, it is not easy to use the software on Windows OS. Moreover, it is more expensive than the features it has. Its cost is $299.99. So, buy it after reading lots of reviews on how it works. 


Software for Beginners

Newbie YouTubers do not know much about trends and strategies of YouTube like professionals.

Therefore, the software made for them has some different features and effects that could help them to learn the editing and to make engaging content soon. Some of the editing software for them are listed below.


Adobe Premiere Elements 11 

If you are a beginner but familiar with Adobe software, then Adobe Premiere 11 is for you! It has numerous features and templates that could please you. Moreover, it has features of slow motion and speeding up the video.

The videos, edited by the software, can be sent to social media, on a single click. Besides, Adobe Premier is cheap. Its cost is $100 approximately.

However, it is not updated regularly and it is not easy for everyone. Many find it tougher to use. So, if you have a friend who knows how to use Adobe so buy it and avail the advantages. 


AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor is the software that every newbie and beginner should use. It has multiple features and effects that you can use and apply easily. The software has the feature that allows users to pick and drop videos to pass it into a transition phase to edit it.

Besides, it can be used in any format whether it is Adobe Flash or HD. However, AVS Video Editor takes a lot of time to dit the videos. Moreover, there is a need to focus on software when editing. Yet, the best part is that AVS is cheap. You can buy it for $59 only. 

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Iskysoft Video Editor

If you are looking for the cheapest software then Iskysoft Video Editor is made for you! The software has multiple features like Tilt Shift, Scene detection and many others along with templates and effects that make it must-to-use.

Besides, it can be used by both beginners and professionals because it has two modes: Standard and Advance. Standard ensures that a video is edited properly and easily. The standard-mode helps to upload anywhere easily on a single click whereas Advance mode can help users to make changes in the tiniest sections as well.

Yet, some of its features are not easy to use like scene detection and tilt-shift. However, you can buy it for $39. So, if you are new and looking for the cheapest software then prefer Iskysoft over others.


Free of Cost Editing Software

All the software, mentioned above, have cost. You have to buy them. However, there are companies that offer free-of-cost editing software.

Some of them are too good to use but many of them are not worthy to use. However, few of the better software is the following:


YouTube Video Editor (PC/MC)

If you want to edit video a little then YouTube Video Editor is suitable! The online software has not so many features and effects to offer.

So, if you are professional and have created something WOW, then use it to add some finishing touch otherwise go for something else. 


Hitfilm Express (PC/MAC)

If you want to learn to edit for free then HitFilm Express provides the finest ground to learn.

It has different features and effects which can help you to know how to edit videos and enhance its quality. 


Windows Movie Maker (PC)

If you have PC and want to learn to edit and upload videos then Windows Movie Maker is made for you. You can make videos and movies from it on a normal level. 



So, these are must-to-use editing software. If you have money and experience then go for professional software.

In case you are at the learning stage so choose either newbie ones or free cost ones according to your budget and what you can afford.

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