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How Do Spies Help to Control Children?

The modern era and its advancement is a blessing, but unlike every blessing, there is a curse hidden behind. The advancement is much needed, but it certainly brings some aspects upfront in the public which should be kept away from children or their involvement.

Hoverwatch app

Parents can spy on the activities of their children who belong to this generation through various spyware programs available in the online market domain. In fact, in many countries spying on children by their parents using such is allowed for safety concerns.


What Is a Spyware Program?

In simple words, spyware programs are such software applications that collect information from one’s device (target person) without his/her consent and send it to the person who wants to keep track of those details or spy on him/her.


How Safe and Legal Is It to Use Such Programs?

Monitoring anyone’s activities who is an adult without his/her consent is wrong, and the person should be notified of the fact that their actions are or will be monitored by someone. However, such spyware programs are never illegal as they come up with specific disclaimers which the user must abide by before using the software. The laws, although they are meant to be followed, are hardly taken into consideration by the people opting for using such software. So, in spite of being legal, there is moral concern surrounding the usage of such apps.


Why Do Parents Choose Hoverwatch to Control Their Children?

While opting for a spyware program, Hoverwatch is always on the hit list of parents who wish to monitor the activities of their children. In today’s generation, most are working parents who work to support their families, and it becomes difficult to keep an eye on their children. Smartphones have thus become the way for them to stay connected to their children.

However, smartphones, along with internet facility, are good as well as dangerous as children do not know which are the things they should do and which they should not while they are using the internet. Therefore, it becomes very important for the parents to monitor the deeds of their children and their activities with the smartphone. Also, parents always have a wish to keep track of the location of their children in order to know where they are present.

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Where Else Can I Use Hoverwatch Spyware?

Some companies also provide their employees with smartphones for the purpose of work. But once again, the combination of a smartphone along with internet connectivity is dangerous and blessing at the same time. Generally, a smartphone given by an organization is meant for the purpose of work and contains all the important and confidential data of the client or company which the employee is working for.

Leakage of any such data can harm the organization in an ugly manner and is also not desirable. Employees may indulge themselves in activities over the smartphone, which can put the company into trouble and their future and growth into risks. In order to avoid such circumstances, various organizations also involved in the usage of the Hoverwatch app for the smartphone given to their employees.


How to Install and Use the Program?

The steps to install the program in the android phone are straightforward and can be done by following the steps listed below

  1. Firstly the user needs to signup with the app by visiting its website. This online registration procedure is free and only requires the users to share some of their personal information which includes their name, address, email id. They also need to set up a password for signing up.
  2. Now after signing up is done, the user needs to download the app on their smartphone and install it by allowing all the permissions required by the app.
  3. Once the app is installed, the user must log in and follow the instructions provided by the app to start the process of tracking.


Hoverwatch and Its Features

The application provides a wide range of features for the users which are thoroughly listed below.

  • The person who is the target or is being tracked by the app won’t be notified of the fact that it is being monitored and transferred by the app to the one using it to track.
  • Text messages can be easily tracked by the app, and the program has a call tracker free along with it which monitors the call log and keeps a count of the outgoing and incoming calls.
  • Activities on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and WhatsApp can be tracked using this app.
  • Location of the target person can also be tracked utilizing the GPS facility or by the cell network or Wi-Fi signals.
  • The activities, including sim card change or phone unlocking, are also tracked by the app. Therefore, every time the targeted person unlock his/her phone, a picture of the user is clicked and sent to the person who is tracking him/her.
  • Internet usage history, to-do list, and contacts are also tracked by the app. Also, the screenshots taken by the targeted person in his/her smartphone can also be tracked.
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What is the Price Involved in Using the App?

Apart from the free version, the app also comes with three paid plans which are categorized as family usage, personal usage and usage by business owners.

Plan Personal Plan Professional/Family Plan Business Plan
Devices 1 Device 5 Devices 25 Devices
1 month $24.95 $49.95 $149.95
3 month $59.95 $99.95 $299.95
1 year $99.95 $199.95 $499.95

 The families can use the paid program of $199.95 per year and would have the opportunity of tracking five devices at a time using this plan. For personal usage, one can opt for the plan of $99.95 per year while the business owners can track up to 25 devices using the plan of $499.95 per year.


How Legal Is It to Use Such a Program?

The program is completely legal just like any other spyware program, but the users must abide by the rules set up by the software. Also, the one who is tracking should use the software very carefully keeping in mind that they do not breach anyone’s privacy which might be then a legal issue.

The best practice is to inform the person who is being tracked about the tracking and also about the limits up to which his/her activities would be monitored. Apart from these, there are no legal concerns surrounding the usage of this software.

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