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Build a WordPress Website Without Going Live 

Generally, people don’t want a WordPress website to go live before it’s complete.

For one, unfinished work will look unprofessional to visitors. Additionally, Google will crawl the incomplete site, and it will interfere with SEO.

To avoid this, it’s paramount to use a plugin. 

The situation in which people visit a WordPress website prematurely mirrors people entering a building that is under construction.




It’s a liability for a construction company if people walk into an unfinished building.

The credibility of the company would be called into question, and people could get hurt.

Likewise, Google is aware that its company will appear unreliable if it directs people to sites that are incomplete. Essentially, Google will see a live, unfished website as a liability.

Even when using dedicated WordPress hosting, a website owner would not go through their hosting service to keep it from going live. Rather, they would use a plugin. 


Under Construction Page Plugin When You Build a WordPress Website

Construction companies put up barriers to restrict the public from entering the site.

In the same stead, a website owner will indicate that a site is under construction. Specifically, he or she will use an under-construction page plugin.

While it may seem as though using a plugin is optional, it is mandatory for anyone looking to improve SEO. 

There are various features associated with under construction pages.

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For example, some plugins allow website owners to display a countdown clock that will show site visitors when the site will go live.

Some Under Construction Page plugins will allow visitors to contact the website owner with a contact form.

There is sometimes an option to leave social media icons that will direct viewers to contact the website owner through social media.

Also, some plugins include a way to collect email addresses. 


Why SEO Is Important

Google penalizes any improperly indexed site. As a penalty, Google will ensure that the site does not show up at the top of its search results.

Since Google ranks its content, consumers generally trust Google’s results.

Also, more people will visit a website, if it’s at the top.

Of course, a company will profit from ranking at the top of Google searches.

Therefore, companies prioritize search engine optimization. 

It’s detrimental for a website owner to neglect using a plugin.

Without a plugin, Google will not rank the website at the top of the list of results.

Consequently, the owner of the website is already at a disadvantage.

A company should not struggle with SEO before it even finishes building a website. 


Types of WordPress Plugins  

Thousands of plugins exist on WordPress. A website owner just has to install a particular plugin.

There are:

The two main plugins to prevent a WordPress website from going live are under construction page plugins and password-protected plugins. 


Password Protected Plugin

Rather than indicate that a site is under construction, some people prefer to password protect a site. In this case, viewers will see a login page.

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The web owner will have the password, as well as the authority to give access to other users or administrators.

Images and files that were uploaded to a WordPress website are not protected by the Password Protected plugin.

Therefore, it’s necessary to write a description for the content that isn’t protected, with SEO in mind.

A benefit of using a password-protected plugin is that the website owner can preview the site


Why It’s Important to Use a Plugin When You Build a WordPress Website

It’s extremely important to use an under-construction page plugin or a password-protected plugin to keep a WordPress website from going live.

Otherwise, Google will penalize the site. Then, before the website is even finished, the website owner will have to figure out how to solve problems with SEO.

It’s important to remember to use either plugin at the start of building a website. The visitors also do not want to see a site that is not completed.

The WordPress website should not go live during construction.

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