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Tips to Edit Gaming Videos

Videos are an increasingly popular form of digital content as well as an ability to edit gaming videos.

Their role in the world of gaming cannot be undermined.

Video gamers often rely on gaming video to make crucial gaming decisions.




Due to this, game videos are in high demand, and you need to be a cut above the rest if you want it to get viral.

However, editing gaming videos is very different from that of regular videos. 

While it comes with its challenges, knowing the finer nuances of game video editing will simplify things for you.

Here’s a one-stop guide to all that you need to know about editing gaming videos.


Check PC Settings If Want to Edit Gaming Videos

While you can fix a lot of flaws during the editing phase, some things are beyond your scope of work.

The first step to editing gaming videos is ensuring that they are filmed well.

Texture pop-ups and other distractions annoy the viewer and affect the overall quality of the videos.

Check the running condition of the computer and ensure that it has a 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second rate.

It is a good practice to play the game a few times.

Also, to ensure that you have the required consistency before you get down to recording your game.


Color Correct Your Videos

You will be amazed to learn how color correction can alter video quality when you edit gaming videos.

Use any video editing tool to check on the contrast and brightness settings and color correct the video.

In the world of gaming, the finer details of the video are of utmost importance.

And that is why it is recommended that you stick to ratios such as 30%/20% or 20%/15% for the brightness to contrast settings.

The saturation of the gaming video is one of the first things that you should check.

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Fixing the saturation will result in a significant improvement to the overall video quality.

In additionn, it is a good practice to preview the changes before saving.


Keep It Short When You Edit Gaming Videos

Gaming is a lengthy process, and it may not always be feasible for you to have short videos when you are trying to demonstrate something.

In such situations, you should ideally cut the long video file into smaller sections.

Each section must be edited independently, and you can make them to different stories. 

The best file extension for gaming videos is that of mp4, and most video editors will support that.

Such gaming video files can be easily uploaded to YouTube or any social media platform and shared among your followers.

It is a good practice to trim a lengthy video and upload it in small sections.

That way, you can maintain the viewer’s interests over time while attracting new subscribers.


Transitions & Effects

One of the most important video quality modifications is the addition of transitions and effects to your gaming videos.

Such transitions add a touch of professionalism to your gaming videos.

This is especially important if you are illustrating multiple settings or different levels of a game.

Once you decide on the video editing tool that you are going to use, spend time experimenting with the tool to understand the special effects and filters that it offers.

Only when you know the effects will you be in a position to identify the one that works the best for you.

Most gamers agree on the fact that it is the eye-catching appearances in a gaming video that prompts them to watch it.


Work on Audio When You Edit Gaming Videos

The human body is such that the different sense organs work in harmony.

That is why a video with audio is much better received than one without it.

Say you feel that the gaming video that you are uploading does not need commentary.

Then have an appealing background score throughout the video.

As this will trigger both the audio and visual senses in the viewer, they are more likely to enjoy it.

You can also have a running commentary of the game and then add the audio file to the final video.

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For this, we recommend that you use a high-quality audio gaming headset to do away with any unwanted background noise or distractions.


Add Yourself to the Video

The most effective way of creating an engaging video is to edit the video footage to have the picture-in-picture feature.

That way, you can have yourself on the screen, and that will prompt people to relate with you. 

Depending on your screen confidence and the type of video that you are trying to create, you can choose to record yourself while playing the game.

Alternatively, you can also film yourself while commenting on the resultant gameplay.

The only thing that you need to realize here is to keep your reactions natural and be yourself while facing the camera.


Have Titles and Captions

While creating a gaming video, you need to realize that not all viewers will have the same level of gaming expertise.

To ensure that your video is understandable for everyone, you need to add titles and captions to your gaming video.

As far as possible, try to keep the titles catchy and the captions descriptive.

If possible, incorporate appropriate keywords in the captions as that will help optimize the video for search engines as well.


Do Not Overdo It

While gaming videos are expected to be dramatic, as an editor, you need to draw the line between appropriate and over-editing.

Having too much audio or transition effects can cause the viewer to lose interest.

Similarly, overdoing the caption will cause the viewer to give up on reading it.

To avoid over editing the video, make sure that you save multiple drafts of your edits, and review the different versions before you settle for one.

Game video editing requires one to be on their toes and keep themselves abreast with the latest developments in the field of video editing.

Adapting to changes while understanding that there is room for improvement is the key to creating videos that will go viral in a matter of hours.

As the above tips give you a headstart in video editing, it is your video editing experience that will drive you forward.

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