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Top Automated Writing Software for Content Creation

Today in content marketing, there are special demands for texts thus automated writing software is getting bigger every day. So texts should consider the audience, appeal to its needs, present the information in the right shades.

Selling better and attracting bigger crowds directly depends on how your content is written. Still, a proficient SEO writer is difficult to find, so having powerful software for the same role could be a great solution.


Artificial intelligence that once was a far-fetched dream today takes over the leading human professions. Especially those in business writing. Developing a content strategy for a blog? No problem. Writing a quick text with keywords? Faster than ever. 

Hence, the need to hire content writers goes down – why settle for less if technology can generate texts better than a human brain?

Since the trend for AI-powered programs is widely spreading around the globe, we have singled out the best tools to help you create texts automatically. Check them out!


12 Outstanding Automated Writing Software for Better Content Creation

Students find it especially useful to involve technology in every sphere of their lives: starting your own business, planning to found a company, just writing in a blog and wanting to make it more professional, or simply writing college essays.

Tools like an academic paper writing service today go further, allowing you not just to get excellent content made by experts but also to use all the power of technological progress.

If you have a desire to save time and effort using a platform with artificial intelligence software, scroll down to see the list of the programs that will fascinate you with the results. 


Word AI Automated Writing Software

If you need to spin an already present article and simply customize (or, honestly saying, rewrite) it for college, there is hardly any other software able to do it so naturally.

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Taking no extra time, creating good titles, writing content with almost the same quality as humans make it worth trying. 



For those fond of using good graphics with the content, this platform is a must-have. A few minutes to fill in – and a picture, infographic, or social media post is ready to go viral.

In whatever network you choose – a blog, Facebook or Instagram page, Pinterest, etc. A pro version, by the way, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. 


Quill Automated Writing Software

The artificial intelligence software that turns rough data into an engaging story – does it sound like a fairy tale?

Quill analyzes your data, priorities what is relevant for the target audience, and gives out a perfectly-structured text in simple English.



If you have just the keywords for the future piece of text, don’t worry. Articoolo will do it maximally close to a human writer, first grasping the topic and key concepts and later constructing a whole text with the needed additional ideas.


Quuu Promote

For SEO specialists, this is a real treasure:

  • saving publications for the future,
  • creating smart schedules to keep the audience engaged
  • balance the number of posts
  • learn new tricks for a blog.

This automated writing software makes a wonderful helper. Yet, you should revise these texts if you want them to sound ‘more human’ and limit the dry datum.



Also known as the SEO plugin frequently used in WordPress. This one is incomparable in its ability to top up the relevance, create widgets, and simplify the process of searching by keywords.

Here we especially like the feature to choose what exactly you need your texts for. Either text for a search engine or writing for individual needs, all of this can not just get generated.

In this automated writing software, you get the curation of your whole blog/website. Additionally, you can easily establish a stronger connection with the readers.  



Functioning similarly to Quill, this tool also focuses on unboring narratives. The program adjusts to your goals and who you want to impress, giving you a reliable API and opportunities for real-time updating.

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If Yahoo and Microsoft use it, it means Wordsmith works well!


Article Forge

In this place, you will be surprised how fast a machine can make a high-quality rewrite. Its unique algorithm does profound research on any topic, finds every available article, and optimizes pieces of writing according to search engines.

The subscription is paid, but you can get a refund in case you find better automated writing software.


AI Writer

AI Writer for many people is the new Microsoft Word. It has smart folders, multiple formats to store texts, minimalistic template designs, dynamic print size, and nothing that can distract your attention. Correcting mistakes is another irreplaceable feature for students.



While being focused more on reviewing texts written by humans and showing you what to improve, Draft’s hints also give clear correction of the structure. Cloud synchronization, shared access, and quick publications of the reviewed texts will be useful for studies.

For developing your blogs, there are automated newsletter delivery and creating subscription forms. Besides, the free Draft plan includes so many features that you could manage a whole company with this automated writing software. 


Writing Assistant

This project is much bigger than the average writing assisting tool – it covers full-scale English education incorporating more than 5 million students in about 10 countries in the world.

Writing Assistant is especially great since they let you carry out various tasks connected with linguistic skills such as:

  • resumes
  • cover letters
  • thesis papers
  • business plans
  • case studies

If you have no time to sit for hours, trust the college assignment to this free writing helper.



Having delved into all this automated writing software, we hope that these remarkably smart tools for creating content will come in handy.  Both right now and when you get promoted in your future career, allowing you to save time and get better results.

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