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Free Best Overlocking Software for Windows 10 : Improve PC Performance Now

The process by which you can easily change the frequencies of the hardware of your pc is known to be the CPU Overclocking Software. Overclocking is simply the process by which you can adjust the frequencies of the hardware that is present in your computer.

Every hardware inside your pc works on certain frequencies and oscillations. In this process, the speed of output and cycle frequency effects the sped of the Windows running and the performance that s created by your Windows.

best overclocking software for windows 10

When you become the pro user and your computer starts slowing down then there are two options that can be carried out. The first is the replacement or upgradation of the respective hardware. or you have another option that you can increase the hardware output of your computer to boost speed initially.

GPU Overclocking software is a popular software among the users as it makes you enable to overclock the hardware and further increase the performance of your hardware. Overclocking software in windows 10  basically helps you a lot to make the higher frequencies. So when you think that you shall check for the overclocking software and get it on your pc, then you should definitely look at the below list to check for the CPU best free overclocking software for Windows 10 / 8 / 7.

Overlocking software in windows not only can solve your speed and performance problems but also it can make your heating problem gone for sure. Overclocking is important for making the best performance output. Since overclocking software can control and monitor your CPU temperature also, so it can save you from any damage that is caused by overheating on your computer.

CPU Overclocking Software

CPU overclocking software can easily make your overclocking and will provide you with the access to overlock your hardware. This is the nice process and since it is available in the form of different software that basically makes an interface to rectify the overclocking software.

There are many types of overclocking software that is present in the current market and can easily make your system configuration to be changed. These are either paid software o the free software. While you are using a master computer or a group or network of computers then we suggest you to go with the paid overlocking software. However, if you are a user of a single pc standing, then you can easily use the free overclocking software for your computer.

How to Overclock CPU in Windows 10?

When you have finally decided to do overclocking on your computer then you shall surely look out for the efficiency of your cooling system. As overclocking will definitely increase the heating effect in our system that may lead to the overheating of your computer. So before increasing the clock rate on your computer please make sure that you have the proper heating management for your computer.

It looks pretty cool that you can now increase the hardware clock rate all by yourself and increase the efficiency of your computer, but beware that this can be harmful also to your system. Overclocking is the dangerous process and difficult too. So make sure that before you start overclocking your system, then you are at your own risks.

Bets free Overlocking Software

We have gathered the list of the best overclocking software that is available for free and will effectively help you to boost up the CPU Performance. Please read and follow the list to get most about the best overclocking software. Now you can also download free overclocking software from here this post now. We have gathered the complete links to the downloads of this software.

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1. CPU-Z and GPU-Z

Since overclocking os the crucial process so we recommend that before you start doing the overclocking on your CPU, two tools that will prove you useful are CPU-Z and GPU-Z. These are the tools for your pc that will make your windows monitor all the current configurations on which the CPU is working These are important tool thus to start with overclocking. Ways to change network type in windows 10.


CPU-z basically delivers all the necessary information to you regarding the status of your processor and the hardware working with it. It can give you information regarding your oscillations, voltage use, cycles, clock rates, and graphics output speed. If you do not want to overclock your system, still it is a nice and useful software to work with.


This is almost similar to the CPU- app. However, this tool is specifically dedicated to the graphical hardware configurations so that you can monitor the graphical hardware configurations. It is also a perfect toll on the users to simply start overclocking the computer.

2. EVGA Precision X 16

EVGA PrecisionX 16 is probably the most-known overclocking software in the gaming community. In order to use this tool, you’ll need an NVIDIA graphic card such as GeForce GTX TITAN, 900, 700, or 600. Unfortunately, PrecisionX 16 isn’t compatible with AMD graphic cards, which is one of its biggest drawbacks.

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EVGA PrecisionX 16 supports Microsoft DirectX 12 API, and it allows you to change GPU clock offset as well as memory clock offset. EVGA PrecisionX 16 comes with simple and attractive visual interface that allows you to easily overclock your NVIDIA graphic card and achieve maximum performance.

3. AMD Overdrive

When you are using the AMD processors in place of the Intel ones, then surely you shall go on for the AMD Overdrive for Overclocking software and give it a try. However, make sure that you have the compatible AMD CPU and also the AMD chip along with your computer. It is a compatible AMD chipset.

AMD Overdrive allow you to overclock your system by changing the frequency of the RAM and also the speed of the fan. There is a live status monitor embedded in the software so that when you start overclocking, then certainly you can read the configurations of the computer and also keep the ee on the changes.

You can also test and check the performance o the computer instantly after you have made changes to the clock speed of the computer’s hardware. AMD overdrive gives you nice accessibility and allows you to create profiles for different overclocking solutions for different users or uses.

4. MSI-Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is rather similar to EVGA Precision X 16, but unlike EVGA Precision, MSI Afterburner supports both AMD and NVIDIA graphic cards, which is a major plus.

Intimidated by overclocking? MSI Afterburner makes it easy for even complete beginners to wring extra power from their hardware

Well, for a start it’s very easy to use, making it ideal for newbies and those with an intermediate level of knowledge to push your graphics to their designed limit. Also, unlike EVGA PrecisionX (mentioned below), it supports both Nvidia and AMD processors.

The current version of MSI Afterburner includes a still decent number of utilities, including GPU/shader/memory clock adjustment, the power to adjust advanced fan speed, and the ability to tweak GPU voltage control.

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5. MemSet and CPU-Tweaker

These tools are a bit more advanced and designed for more serious users. We have to mention that CPU-Tweaker works only with processors that have embedded memory controllers, such as AMD Phenom or Intel Core i3, i5, or i7. If you don’t own one of these processors, but you still want to overclock your RAM, we suggest you try MemSet.

If you own one of the supported processors, you can overclock both your memory and CPU just by using CPU-Tweaker, so there’s no need to install them both. These tools might not offer the most user-friendly interface, but instead, they offer more advanced features.

6. ASUS GPU Tweak

ASUS GPU Tweak is rather similar to tools such as MSI Afterburner and EVGA Precision X 16. This application comes with a simple and visually appealing interface that allows you to easily change the core clock, voltage or memory clock of your graphics card just by moving the corresponding sliders.

7. SAPPHIRE TriXX Utility

SAPPHIRE TriXX Utility is designed for overclocking AMD graphic cards and it supports a wide range of AMD graphic cards from older Radeon HD 5000 series up to Radeon R9 and R9 FURY series.

Regarding the features, this tool will allow you to easily change the GPU core clock, voltage or video card memory clock in order to achieve maximum performance. SAPPHIRE TriXX Utility comes with Hardware Monitor that will show you how overclocking is affecting your computer in real-time which is always a useful option to have.

8. NVIDIA Inspector

NVIDIA Inspector is a tool designed to display graphics card information to the user, but this tool can also be used for overclocking. Recently we wrote about overclocking your GPU with NVIDIA Inspector, so if you need more information go ahead and check that article.

Overclocking your hardware comes with certain risks, and in order to avoid those risks make sure to check your system temperature with tools such as HWmonitor. In addition, it’s always good to test your system stability with tools such as Prime95, Memtest86+, and 3DMark if you decide to overclock your components.

Overclocking can improve the performance of your hardware, and since most of these tools offer a simple user interface, you easily get the most out of your processor or graphics card.

9. EVGA Precision X

Easily one of the most popular overclocking tools on the market today, EVGA PrecisionX has become a must for gamers looking to give their rig or gaming laptop a decent push in the hardware performance stakes.

Unfortunately, EVGA PrecisionX only works with Nvidia graphics cards (sorry, AMD users) so you’ll need to have something like a GeForce GTX TITAN, 900, 700 or 600 installed.

The latest version supports Microsoft DirectX 12 API, as well as enabling you to change your GPU’s clock offset and its memory clock offset. As if that wasn’t good enough, EVGA PrecisionX also presents you with the power to overclock your refresh rate and establish up to 10 individual overclocking setups. You can even seamlessly switch between them at will!

It might not be as comprehensive as some of the more advanced tools out there, but if you’re looking to squeeze out better clock speeds overall, EVGA PrecisionX is an ideal addition to your machine.

10. SetFSB

Unlike some other overclocking tools, SetFSB is all about making adjustments to your system’s front-side bus (FSB), which connects the CPU to the main memory. Its speed is measured in MHz and can vary from 60 to 400 (it can go higher if you’re lucky/slightly mad), so the higher the speed, the better the performance. Think of it as plugging yourself directly into the Matrix.

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