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Logo Design: Unconventional Approach to Current Trends

Directions in logo design change regularly.

With the advent of new technologies, design specialists constantly come up with new trends that cause positive emotions in people.

In the process of emerging new trends, we can see how professionals create something that no one else has seen before.




However, along with this, we see how the trends that were in demand even several decades ago are becoming popular again.

This applies not only to web design but design in general.

Fashion is cyclical.

We can observe how items of clothing that were at their peak in the seventies, eighties, and nineties appear on the windows of stores.

In this article, we’ll talk about the hottest trends in logo design in 2022.


Back in the 90s with Logo Design

Fashion and design of the last decade of the twentieth century seem controversial for many people.

However, we can now observe how some of the most popular ideas of the time are now regaining prevalence.

Designers working to create logos for companies and organizations also use some of the best ideas from that period.

In most cases, we can see the emergence of logos that are made in bright and catchy colors.

Vibrant gradients and hand-painted fonts look irresistible and fresh in new ways.

Designers can go to the website to see even more spectacular branding solutions.

The 90s are a protest.

We have seen manifestations of street culture reflected in the creation of graffiti on buildings in the city.

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These are the catchy ideas that designers are now using when creating brand names. 


Negative Space

As it was said before, some solutions remain in demand for many years and are in no hurry to go out of fashion.

We can safely attribute the use of negative space to such solutions.

Design professionals are familiar with this trend.

Many professionals can boast of a dozen of such works, performed in this style.

When creating brand names, we can observe the use of ambiguous images, crosses, and original representations.

Such design elements look like a single picture.

To see these ways of depicting, you need to take a closer look.

Such solutions fascinate people and attract special attention even among those who know nothing about design.

Even if a person does not understand which elements were involved, he still remembers what he sees.

This decision undoubtedly plays a positive role in brand awareness.


Custom Fonts

Recently, we can see how more and more text-only variants have started to appear among logos.

Designers focus on choosing a unique typeface that is catchy.

Experts experiment with letters, sizes, and slopes.

Any solution that stands out from the rest of the brand names seems to be successful.

This approach will undoubtedly remain at the top of this year, as the variations in creating a text logo are limitless.


Layering Elements in Logo Design

A feature of this direction is the creation of illustrations and images that seem not so simple at first glance.

People can notice how the image takes on a particular depth and dimension.

An amazing feature is that when creating logos in this style, professionals can use their imagination, which does not limit them.

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Experts can experiment with the elements and their design, which allows them to get exclusive products.


Bright Colors

Spectacular shades have always been in demand in the work of designers.

However, not many people used them in their works, since incorrect color solutions could spoil the overall look.

That is why the professionals try to use calm and warm colors.

However, 2022 is marked by non-standard solutions.

Now you can safely experiment with different bright and spectacular colors that will attract the attention of buyers and users.

Courage is always rewarded.

That is why such bold design decisions will get the attention of the target audience.



This style has not left design trends for many years.

In the world of a riot of colors and non-standard solutions, there is always a place for brevity and simplicity.

That is why such a choice will not be a losing one.

The main thing is not to overdo it with dullness.

Many companies are now moving online.

However, even on the Web, it is important to remain recognizable among a huge number of other organizations.

In this regard, designers choose the path of simplicity and beauty, which will always look spectacular.



This year, we will be able to see how designers continue to use in-demand design elements.

Along with this, they are returning to using popular elements that received approval several decades ago.

Bright colors, custom fonts, and minimalism will be in high demand in 2022.

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