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Download QuickBooks Free: Desktop/Offline Versions

In this guide, you will find easy steps to download QuickBooks and how to use the software. You’ll also find QuickBooks offline installers, which include download links to QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise.

download quickbooks desktop

QuickBooks is one of the most reliable accounting software. It is easy to use and works for small to medium-sized organizations.

The accounting and GST software features different modules. This includes invoice management, vendor management, payroll management, and inventory management.  It allows you to calculate your expenses, income, profit, loss, tax, etc.

Although you can use QuickBooks online, if you want to work with your data offline on your services, you will have to download the software.

You can access your data on multiple devices using QuickBooks. It also allows you to create access privileges for your accountant or assistant. This way, they can sign in and work online with your data.

In addition, the software syncs and backs up your data automatically.

Continue reading to learn more.

QuickBooks Memory Interfaces

You’ll find QuickBooks in two memory interfaces:

  • QuickBooks Online/Cloud/Internet
  • QuickBooks Desktop/Offline/Storage in your computer

QuickBooks online has three different plans for business accounting. They include QuickBooks SimpleStart, Essentials, and Plus.

QuickBooks Desktop doesn’t require an internet connection. It is the desktop version of QuickBooks. It’s available in three different versions: QuickBooks accountant Pro download, Premier download, and Enterprise download. QB desktop versions like Pro, Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting can also be hosted on cloud with DaaS providers.

The desktop version also has an add-on called QuickBooks Quick Payroll. This feature adds a payroll feature to the interface of the software.

Key features of QuickBooks

Here are the key features you will find in QuickBooks:

  • Track and manage your business activities from anywhere

QuickBooks allows you to organize and manage your business from your PC, tablet, or mobile phone.

  • Track expenses

The software will enable you to record your expenses. You can also use the QuickBooks online mobile app to take photos of receipts and save them.

  • Create business forms and send them

You will also be able to create custom invoices and sales receipts that you can send in a matter of minutes.

  • Evaluate the performance of your business
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QuickBooks can help you know how your business is doing. It has customizable dashboards and reports that allow you to do this without any problem.

  • Manage your cash flow

Manage bills from vendors and make payments before the due date. You can also create a recurring payment schedule.

  • Free, unlimited support

If you experience any problems with QuickBooks, support is available. The company provides useful answers to all your questions to ensure the software runs smoothly.

  • Ability to work with your colleagues

Your colleagues, accountant, or bookkeeper can log into QuickBook’s cloud-based platform and work with your data.

  • Allows for secure access to data

The accounting software protects your data using advanced technologies. In addition, the software backs up data automatically.

Download QuickBooks

QuickBooks online offers a free trial of 30 days. After the trial, you will have to pay to access the premium membership.

Apart from free unlimited cloud storage, QuickBooks offers a wide range of features with its online subscription.

You can download and use the desktop version of QuickBooks for free. You simply need to download the latest free version of the software.

Here are download links to QuickBooks Desktop versions:

QuickBooks Enterprise 2017 DOWNLOAD 

QuickBooks Pro Free Download ·      Track sales, expenses, profits and loss
·      Create and send unlimited custom invoices
·      Access VAT and sales reports
·      QuickPerks

QuickBooks Pro 2016 DOWNLOAD  
QuickBooks Pro 2017 DOWNLOAD  QuickBooks Pro 2018 DOWNLOAD 


QuickBooks Premier Free Download ·      Track sales, expenses, income, profits and loss
·      Create professional looking invoices and forms
·      Manage accounts payable
·      Access to VAT and sales reports
·      Stock management
·      Works in multiple currencies
·      QuickPerks

QuickBooks Premier 2016 DOWNLOAD 

QuickBooks Premier 2017 DOWNLOAD

QuickBooks Premier 2018 DOWNLOAD


QuickBooks Enterprise Free Download



This option ended with the 2018 versions. But you can still download older versions.


QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 DOWNLOAD  


How to download QuickBooks

Here are the simple steps you need to follow to download QuickBooks Desktop:

Step 1: Download QuickBooks from one of the links above

Step 2: Once the download is complete, click the executable file in your computer’s downloads folder.

Step 3: Click Yes to all and select next to begin your installation

Step 4: Read the License Agreement and click Agree to proceed

Step 5: The installation process will start automatically

Step 6: Follow the instructions on your screen to complete the installation process

Read on for more information about QuickBooks.

How to use Desktop QuickBooks

Here is a simple guide on how to make the most from your QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Gather all the necessary financial documents you need to set up QuickBooks files

Some of the items you will need include the name and address of your business, financial statements, and tax ID numbers.

  • Create your company profile

After creating your company profile, click the QuickBooks icon on your desktop to launch the software.

The software has an Easy Setup interview wizard designed to help you set up your company profile. If you are using Download QuickBooks for the first time, don’t skip the Wizard option.

  • Set up and manage accounts for your vendors

Click Vendor Center on the software’s interface. Then click New Vendor to create accounts for your vendors.

If you want to add a transaction, click New Transaction. You can also link QuickBooks to Excel if you want to export vendor information.

  • Set up and manage accounts for your employee

Click Employee Center to create and manage your employee accounts. Then choose New Employee to enter employee details. If you want to add a paycheck or any other transaction, click the Transaction tab.

  • Set up and manage accounts for your customers

Customer accounts are meant to help you track your income and the money customers owe you. First, click Customer Center, then New Customer and Job to include your new source of income.

To add transactions such as payments, estimates, and invoices, click New Transaction.

  • Generate Reports

To generate reports, go to the Report Center. This feature will help you to get a picture of the financial areas of your company, including the Profit and Loss statement, budgets, or accounts receivable.


QuickBooks Premier vs. Pro: Which should you choose?

We recommend QuickBooks Premier. The reason being it is a more reliable option for your accounting needs. With QuickBooks Premier, you don’t need to hire an accountant for your small or medium-sized business.

What is the alternative to free QuickBooks?

Well, QuickBooks is one of the best all-in-one accounting software you can find out there. The software is available in online and desktop versions.

QuickBooks for Mac is also available in all versions. So, you don’t need to look for an alternative to QuickBooks.


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