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Prioritizing Internal Communication Strategy in Business

Around 60% of companies in the US don’t have a long-term internal communication (IC) strategy.

This is the fact that can mean a major loss in productivity and even the loss of key players of your team.


Having a solid IC strategy is vital if you are to set clear objectives, segment your internal audience, and measure the success of different communications efforts.

Around 74% of employees feel that they are missing out on company news.

How can you make sure that they feel included, informed, and firmly focused on key roles, goals, and procedures?


Choosing the Right Software Tools as an Internal Communication Srategy

There are many tools that companies use to communicate internally, including SharePoint, Asana, and Slack.

The tools you choose are very much dependent on your specific communications needs.

For instance, companies that simply wish to create channels to chat and ask queries can benefit from a tool like Slack.

It has features like availability notifications and voice and video calls.

If your team creates intranet websites, pages, document libraries and lists, on the other hand, then SharePoint is an ideal way to keep all this information secure and accessible to approved team members.

Key team members can easily complete an SPFx training course to hone the following tasks:

  • how to create SPFx solutions
  • how to set up a visual studio code
  • how to build a Microsoft Teams tab.
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Bringing Gaming into the Equation

Top companies like Cisco, Samsung, and Microsoft are all using gamification to entice and maintain the interest of employees.

Internal courses, reports, and new regulations can all be imparted to employees in the form of games.

Even in the age of remote work, employees can be placed into teams, with each team competing for prizes by scoring higher than their counterparts.

Research by McKinsey Global Institute shows that productivity jumps by up to 25% when employees feel connected, and games are a great way to create new synergies.

Games and indeed all communications should be accessible via desktop and mobile devices.


Measuring Employee Engagement

Embrace tools that allow you to know which communications are being read, liked, and shared.

Your intranet system will give you key performance indicators on these and more.

You can also check out intranet read receipts (or open rates), page visits and logins, and adoption rates for new apps.

You should also obtain employee feedback via polls and surveys, which you can include in your bespoke intranet system.

Finally, have a look at how your employee turnover rates compare to those of your competitors.

A high rate could suggest that communication, connection, and understanding are lacking in your business.

A solid internal communication strategy can ensure your employees know where you are heading.

It can also help them feel communicated and united in common goals.

To improve your strategy, choose the right tools, create a bespoke system that allows you to obtain feedback, and embrace tools like gamification.

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Don’t forget to measure employee engagement by looking into factors like open rates and page visits.

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