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Project Management Software: What to Look For When Buying It

The decision on what project management software or project management tool to buy can be a daunting one.

There are hundreds if not thousands of software, tools and other programs all designed to provide assistance in one or more aspects of project management.

For you to make the right decision, you will need to know exactly what you need.




Some project management software is primed for scheduling, whereas others are designed for better task monitoring.

However, to get the right balance of service, you need several critical features that make your project management software more ideal.

This article will serve as a guide to help you navigate through this difficult area by focusing on six critical features you will need for your project management tool.

These features are:


Prioritized Security of Project Management Software

Data security has grown to become one of the most key features of any digital tool.

In the course of managing your project, there will be certain information that you wouldn’t want the public to know.

In fact, information is balkanized in a way that data is only available and accessible to those who need it.

As a project manager you might find it difficult o manage your project if all information is easily accessible by everyone. 



Forecasting tools are crucial in any project.

You will need to predict how resources are being used against the overall timeframe for project completion.

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Thus, to fully predict or tabulate your project’s Return on Investment, you need to forecast each process.

Also, you need relay such information to crucial stakeholders. 


Quick and Simple Setup of Project Management Software

Not all project managers are well versed in computer programming.

So since we are talking about digital software for project management, we need a solution that is easy and quick to install.

In the past, project management software was not as liberalized as it is today, and each company had its own tool to help it manage its own projects.

These tools were complex and required a high level of computer literacy.

However, in the current global economy, software solutions have to be easy to setup and use.

Therefore your choice of project management software should focus on this rather than on complex systems.


Centralized Dashboard

A centralized Dashboard will organize all crucial information and aspects of your project in one place.

The landing page of your preferred software should offer all these information without having to go through links or different pages.

You should be able to see all your current projects live as you deploy and monitor resources. 


Collaborative Framework

Project management is all about collaboration.

For instance, collaboration involves putting together all the crucial personnel and resources in one place to enable people to work together in tandem towards specific tasks. 


Communication Platforms

Team members need to be able to communicate with each other with ease.

In the past, managers had to organize meetings and workshops so that all members can trace where the project has reached.

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Thus, this is time consuming and with a digital landscape, it has become possible to have an array of communication platforms that connect all team members.

A good project management tool should have call, video and even messaging functions.

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