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Ajilenakh Nuts – Genshin Impact Harvesting Guide

In Genshin Impact, a key role is played not only by leveling up the character’s ranks, but also by developing various additional skills, including cooking and collecting various useful resources.




Cooking will allow you to create unique dishes and improve the characteristics of the character and squad.


Ajilenakh Nuts – What Is It and Where to Look

Ajilenakh Nuts are a unique plant that grows only in the desert region of Sumeru. Used exclusively in cooking.

Where to look for nuts – ajilenakh can be found almost throughout the desert, but it is better to look here:

  1. Aaru village – 11 pcs.
  2. Dar Al-Shif, next to the reservoir – 9 pcs.
  3. Lands of the Upper Setekh – 20 pcs.
  4. Desert Colonnades – 34 pcs.

Please note that the respawn, or the appearance of the plant, is limited to once per day. The character will not be able to collect more than the mechanics of the game allows in one in-game day.

If necessary, you can find a service – Genshin Impact services, where a professional player will help you collect the necessary resources, and it’s not just about nuts.

You need to go to the site and select the resource you want to help collect, such as Geocul.

You pay for the service, or leave a request to contact the manager.

The manager specifies the details of the order and the start time of execution.

At the specified time, a professional player gets access to your account and completes an order. The progress of it you can follow in real time on the site.

Upon completion of the order, you will be able to log into your account again. But we recommend to change the password.

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For security reasons and to avoid gaming sanctions, you should use a VPN when accessing the account. Also, one should perform the task without using third-party software, in order to avoid gaming sanctions from the administration.


Alternate Ways to Obtain Ajilenakh Nuts

  1. Merchant in the Sumeru Desert – Go to Aaru Village and find the NPC Azalai. Trade is available without additional quests. But each product has its own limit, which you will have to wait if you need a lot of resources.
  2. Perakati field in the Sumeru desert – there are a lot of similar mobs in the location, and if you regularly destroy them, then periodically you will receive your Agilene Nuts.


What Is the Value of Ajilenakh Nuts

They use nuts for cooking, namely:

  • Candied Ajilenakh Nuts – Increases the unit’s defense by 1200 units for 5 minutes.
  • Baklava – increase the chance to inflict a critical attack by 15% for 5 minutes.
  • Ajilenakh Charcoal Cake – Resurrects a party member and restores 1200 health points to him.

For cooking, you will also need flour, sugar, Twilight rose, almonds, jam and butter.

Most of these items you can purchase from the merchant Azalai in the village of Aaru. But the Dusk Rose will have to be found in the same way as nuts. Fortunately, the rose is one of the most common plants and grows in almost every corner of Sumeru. So try to stock up on plenty of them so that you don’t get distracted by them in the future.



Nuts look like large green coconuts and are easy to find – they grow on palm trees throughout the desert. Remember that in Genshin Impact there is a limit on the collection of resources per day, and if you cannot find a single fruit, then most likely you have already collected the daily norm, and you should return tomorrow.

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Fruits sometimes grow not one by one, but two or three at once.


Search Assistant

In the world of Genshin Impact, the player is faced with various tasks, rare resources and treasures, and many players gradually begin to understand where the key items are and are ready to share this knowledge with newcomers. In the GI for this, there is an interactive map of Teyvat.

Such a map serves as a guide and contains marks of many interesting and valuable places for the traveler that are worth visiting for a beginner.

Interaction with the card will be easier if you authorize your account, so the system will be able to put your personal marks on the game card to make it easier for you, but this is not a mandatory step.

In fact, the interactive map of Teyvat is an accurate map of all routes and locations so that the player can compare the information on the map with his personal navigator and not waste time searching for the right resources, but immediately run to the right place.

The resource is actively used by crafters and collectors in order to find the necessary materials as soon as possible.

On the example of Ajilenakh Nuts – you can create your own route so that when you run through all the important points and collect the daily limit, then next time you just run from point to point and collect, and not remember exactly where the palm tree with nuts grows.

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