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Pacman Game is Trending Again

First, Tetris, then Super Mario, and now a Pacman Game.

Nintendo Switch continues this week’s retro battle royale video game series.

And it asks a very strange question: if 99 people play at the same time, there is only one broken.

The paper machine is here, what will Pac-Man look like going out? 

This new game called PacMan 99 was released as a free download for paid Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

It was on the evening of Wednesday, April 7th.

The similarities with Tetris 99 in 2019 and Super Mario 35 in 2020 are not accidental.




Developed using the same “NintendoWare panel engine” as other games, this structure seems to be able to manipulate the concurrent sessions of competitor PacMan.

Bandai Namco and Nintendo amazed enthusiasts once they discovered PAC-MAN 99.

This is a brand new warfare royale recreation primarily based totally on the mythical arcade recreation.

This recreation sees 99 gamers dealing with off on traditional PAC-MAN degrees till there’s one individual remaining.

But if you are a fan of the old game, you can find your arcade machine here.


The Old PacMan Game

The game holds an exciting place in the history of video game characters.

It is no longer sitting upstairs like Super Mario and Sonic and no longer influenced by new heroes like Master Chief and Kratos.

But it is still widely popular.

However, the Bandai Namco mascot is still iconic.

As he was one of the first video game characters to enter the mainstream and have his own comics. (Not so good.)

Like Mr. T., Pacman also has his own oatmeal.

One hit is even named after the hero character.

The problem with Pac-Man is that his adventures outside of Powerball and Maze are terrible.

Most of their games follow a proven model with minor adjustments.

The developers added more players and made the game itself a party.

They changed their perspectives to achieve it. More three-dimensional.

The results are interesting but simple, but the new addition to the PacMan formula looks promising.

The battle royale type is very popular in Fortnite and Fall Guys.

In order not to ignore this trend, Bandai Namco has released two Pac-Man games that use this concept.


The PacMan Game: Mega Tunnel Battle

The first game called PacMan: Mega Tunnel Battle was launched on Stadia a few months ago.

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There were 64 players fighting ghosts to survive.

Recently, Bandai Namco released “Pac-Man 99” for Nintendo Switch.

Push 99 players against each other while overcoming ghosts and obstacles.

The goal of these PacMan Battle Royale games is to survive and be number one.

They start in the same way that the player walks through the maze, eats the ball, and dodges ghosts.

When the ghost catches Pacman or encounters another one. Eventually it will fail.

In the game, players can navigate through the connected map.

Players can start alone, but can enter the enemy’s labyrinth through portals that sometimes open.

There they can help the enemy absorb projectiles and improve the map, or more likely to cause damage.

The enemy can steal the advantage of the corridor. It may be extra life, a shield, or even the smell of ghosts.

If the enemy can take energy pills and try to eat the defenseless Pac-Man like a ghost, so much the better.

Like all great battle royale games, it is cruel.

The player has up to three lives.

If you spend it, you lose, you can become a bystander among the remaining players, and you can even vote for the remaining players to throw away items.

It is more strategic and in-depth than Pac-Man 99.

The chances of winning are more diverse.

But unfortunately the player base is small, and the player does not seem to compete with all kinds of random and chaotic enemies.


Jammers, Ghost Trains, and Boosts, and PacMan 99 Success

From the surprise opening of the game on Tuesday night, you can see that the standard online mode of PacMan 99 is similar to the old version of PacMan.

It is with ghost hunting and yellow dots in the first black maze and blue stripes.


New Features

Very similar to your traditional source material, only the online player fields will interfere with each other’s progress.

They attack other players’ fields (visible as small windows on the edge of the screen), consume energy balls, and then devour fragile ghosts. The same to you.

The highlight of this game is the new concept of the series.

Your attack sends a “destructive Pac-Man” wave to the enemy area (displayed as a small window at the edge of the screen).

But it does not cause direct damage.

The transparent shadows of Pak are scattered in the maze of the game like speed bumps, and the player must control Pacman through his quicksand to make them disappear.

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One or two interceptors are allowed to transfer.

Six or more seem to give you a real headache, especially when Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and ​​Clyde are near you.

Therefore, the success of PacMan 99 depends in part on the planning of the maze so that you can safely overcome obstacles and maintain high speed.

In order to send attacks to other players, you need to also create a “ghost train” borrowed from PacMan Champions.


Version of the Series

Customize this row of ghosts, fill the screen, accidentally hit them, and then eat energy balls, so you can perfectly swallow dozens of ghosts.

Players can also use three optional “lift” modes, called “strength”, “speed” and “training”.

Although they may seem obvious, we have not seen when and how they change, or whether they Will it change in the game.

Is the main act of ghost hunting more interesting?

Interestingly, this is not the only online PacMan concept released last year.

The PacMan Mega Tunnel Battle debuted on Google Stadia in October 2020, but it’s 64 players revolved around a larger points field for players to collide.

According to my experience, when the online connection of other players drops for some reason, Mega Tunnel Battle may become slow and slow.

Since PacMan 99 puts each player in their own independent game environment, these problems can be perfectly avoided.

PacMan 99 works like a classic game, but the ghosts you eat with Power Pellet will be teleported to other players’ games, making them difficult.


Issues with PacMan 99

Nintendo Switch has no issues with PacMan 99.

This version of the Battle Royale game improves the speed and simplicity of the game.

The player enters and plays as if it were a normal battle. Chew and avoid ghosts. Energy particles and turning enemies.

One of the best ways to increase the chance of survival is to clear the shooting maze by increasing the speed of Pacman.

Players can also eat fruits to fill the board and add new energy particles after use.​​

Compared with the super tunnel battle, the strategy is limited, but there is only one life in the game, and the player will experience the intensity of each game.

The huge player base also means that if they lose, fans can quickly enter the game.

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