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High-Performance Healthcare Software Solutions

In this present age, software solutions are vital for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

However, the software can prove to be a mixed bag, of sorts.

When they design and implement software properly and it works as it should, then everything from retrieving patient records to providing accurate diagnoses, and more, is all done quickly.

However, when the opposite is true, watch out. Things will likely exist as chaotic in a medical environment, in which the technology they utilize is not performing as it ought to.

Healthcare software aims at being the solution to a number of needs for various settings like hospitals, doctor’s offices, and pharmacies, for example.




Solutions like keeping a central repository of all patients’ medical records, prescribed medications, and upcoming appointments for easy access to authorized healthcare staff.

This is all protected and sensitive medical information so security is a must.

It’s vital for the success of a healthcare software developer to incorporate viable security components in their product providings.

This is to have a good chance of success in making and maintaining a marketable software solution.

Maintaining and storing patients’ records and the like, while a very substantial portion of the whole, aren’t the only things that most software solutions for the healthcare industry provide.


Other Important Aspects of Healthcare Software Solutions

Other important aspects, typically added to software solutions, include supplying information and analytical capabilities to make appropriate medical assessments.

Frequently, many healthcare software applications will also feature feedback systems, in place, to help improve healthcare practices’ performance, overall.

Competition among healthcare software offerings is immense nowadays.

Thus, it’s important too that the creators of healthcare-related software apps strive to set themselves ahead of the pack.

You can often accomplish by remaining current with ever-evolving, modern times.

A large number of individuals, concerned with the Covid-19 virus, specifically, don’t want to risk venturing out to see a doctor.

They would much rather make a virtual visit, instead. has an informative article on implementing telehealth visits in a healthcare environment setting.

Integrating the ability to perform virtual visits between doctors and their patients into a software solution for healthcare providers is a great way for a software development company.

Especially when you want to stand out among its competitors.


High-Performance Healthcare Software Solutions Presently Available 

That’s not the easiest question in the world to answer, actually.

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There exist a plethora of software products aimed at the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

 It may be assumed that the following list exists as an excellent glimpse into some of the more pertinent solutions, available today.

Especially when sorting through this vast library of application suites and performing extensive research,


RXNT Software

Let’s start with RXNT Software. RXNT provides its software to medical practices in size, ranging from small, all the way on up to large facilities.

Their suite consists of an electronic healthcare record, or EHR, for the short, management system, along with medical billing and practice management features.

This is a cloud-based software suite you can interface using both Android and iOS portable devices.

This is in addition to being accessible to workstations running Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Additional components of this offering consist of electronic prescribing, simplified referrals, the ability to schedule patients for upcoming appointments across diverse locations, and more.

RXNT Software is a popular choice among medical offices, all over.

Associated costs of the software tend to be lower than similar offerings, likely increasing the suite’s popularity.

Even with the affordable cost of utilizing this software solution, RXNT stands behind their software with free training, setup, and ongoing support.

Their software is HIPAA compliant, the prescribing portion is Superscripts-certified, is an ONC-certified HIT solution, and there is built-in support for MIPS plus MACRA, as well.



Like RXNT Software, athenahealth’s athenaOne software solution is good for medical practices of any size. atenaOne also is a cloud-based delivery solution.

Presently, their software is being utilized by over 160k healthcare professionals.

It’s also currently the number one rated, mobile EHR application on the iOS app store.

Adding to these accomplishments, athenahealth was declared 2020’s Best in KLAS: Small Practice Ambulatory EMR/PM and Ambulatory RCM Services.

athenaOne comes complete with some helpful functions that aren’t always standard-fare.

These are features such as a patient portal, where patients can review their medical history, electronically sign for forms, schedule future appointments, or pay bills.

The software solution suite can submit reminders to patients regarding various matters via SMS text messages, e-mails, or telephone calls.

Comparing price points with RXNT Software, athenaOne is more costly.

That mentioned, it is also worthwhile to note that there are certainly healthcare software offerings that cost more than athenahealth’s athenaOne.


Advantage SMART Practice

Compulink Healthcare Solutions’ Advantage SMART Practice is a popular specialty-specific software offering, is likely the most costly.

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This is in comparison to the first two popular healthcare software products.

However, their revenue stream is likely put to good use as support for their software is in a live, USA-based, call center, and their average response time is in only 38 seconds.

Compulink’s Advantage SMART Practice can be deployed in the cloud or exist as a site-based solution, utilizing a server.

Their software suite doesn’t skimp on components, either.

All round out the many aspects to this healthcare-industry software package are:

  • telehealth
  • patient portal
  • speciality-centric EHR
  • practice management
  • online bill pay
  • appointment scheduling
  • lab integration
  • inventory tracking
  • appointment reminders
  • analytics, and more.



Conversely, let’s consider a couple of very popular pharmaceutical software offerings, available now on the market:

  1. Datascan’s Winpharm
  2. Liberty Software’s Pharmacy Management Software.

Datascan has been producing pharmacy-related software solutions since 1981.

Their flagship product is definitely Winpharm and it is quite robust.

The features that this software solution touts are quite numerous in quantity, to say the very least.

Datascan states that their product is always evolving.

Developing a software product back in time’s past, long before the commercialization of the internet or graphical user interfaces, it’s pointless to disagree.

This is considering the number of features of Winpharm and the length of time Datascan has been in operation


Liberty Software’s Pharmacy Management Software

Although not quite as feature-rich as Winpharm, Liberty Software’s Pharmacy Management Software is still a powerhouse, in its own right.

Liberty Software’s Pharmacy Management Software is quite the robust offering, in its own right due to the following:

  • ability to automatically submit alerts to patients via SMS text messaging or e-mails
  • support for automatic prescription refills
  • bin management, the ability to manufacture coupons
  • built-in insurance auditory preparation reports
  • customizable prescription labels
  • pharmacy task delegation
  • document management
  • ability to monitor DIR fees.



Ultimately, even though there are so very many healthcare and pharmaceutical software solutions available to pick and choose from.

The aforementioned products are high-performing software solutions, worth considering.

Concluding, it’s important to analyze and consider one practice’s own needs and wants in a software solution for their practice.

Also, the applicable budget to adhere to, and the timeliness and quality of the software solution developers’ support teams of the different offerings that are being considered.

Do your due diligence, perform the research, consider the options, and pick the correct fit.

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