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Windows 8 Product Key

Windows 8 is stable and upgraded OS from Microsoft. If you’ve installed it on your PC, you will need a Windows 8 product key to use its full features. 




So if you are looking for a Windows 8 activation key, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you will not only find detailed but simple instructions on how to activate Windows but also where to find the key if you have lost it. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started with it. 

Windows 8 Pro Product Key

Windows 8 key is required to activate your copy of Windows. Without activation, you won’t be able to enjoy all the features of this OS.

If you’re looking for a complete history of Windows 8, you can look it up on Wikipedia. We will surely give you a brief overview of the unique features of Windows 8 that weren’t available in the previous versions of Microsoft OS.


Windows 8 Special Features

Windows 8 is the better and upgraded OS by Microsoft as compared to its previous versions. It was the first OS that enabled Microsoft to support smartphones along with the PCs. 

Additionally, Windows 8 Professional and Home was the first Microsoft OS to specifically address the touchscreen devices including PCs and smartphones. 

Take a quick look at what Microsoft Windows 8 offers. 

  1. Metro Styling of Interface and the usability
  2. The new tiled home screen makes it handy to open anything across the Windows quickly
  3. The tiled desktop window is completely interactive which allows you to choose your most-used applications in your tiled list
  4. You get SkyDrive as soon you activate your windows 8 which provides you free storage up to 100GB. You can store your photos, videos and important documents, and access them easily
  5. Split-screen applications allow you to split your desktop into portions that help in accessing two different applications simultaneously
  6. Upgraded Windows Store to help you easily search for your favorite apps and install them on your PC or laptop
  7. Windows 8 comes with fast booting technology. You can now boot/reboot your windows in a few seconds, unlike the previous versions that took forever on boot.
  8. There’s a built-in Xbox games feature which is great news for game lovers
  9. Windows 8 gives you upgraded anti-virus as Windows Defender to protect your computer from viruses and malware. You also get upgraded Windows Explorer to browse faster and easier
  10. Touch-screen support is also introduced in Windows 8 which allows it to be installed as OS on smartphones as well
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Windows 8 is a top-choice of millions of individuals and professionals worldwide because of its unique and eye-catching interface. 

Microsoft has launched Windows 10 as well but Windows 8 is by far the most-used Microsoft OS. Microsoft made some serious changes in the interface of previous Windows and introduced a much better version in the form of Windows 8. 

Windows 8 introduced a better user-interface with tiled windows home to give a different and easy-to-use experience. To start using fully-functional Windows 8, you need a product key

Where to Get Genuine Windows 8?

The big question is how and where you can find a Genuine copy of the MS operating system. Once you have the key, the activation doesn’t take long.

Unless you don’t have a genuine Windows 8 Professional or Home copy, you wouldn’t be able to activate it with the product key. So, here are a few ways through which you can get completely working windows 8

  1. Purchase a computer that comes with the upgraded Windows 8. The new PCs will have pre-installed Windows 8 copy with the activation
  2. If you’re looking to buy a used computer, make sure you buy a refurbished PC with pre-installed windows 8
  3. If you’re not planning to buy a different computer, you can simply upgrade your PC with Windows 8. Buy a copy of Windows 8 from Microsoft website and then install it on your PC
  4. Get activated Windows 7 and then you can upgrade your OS to Windows 8 online. By doing so, you won’t need a Windows 8 product key

Upgrade Windows 8 Pro from Windows 7

To upgrade from Windows 7, you must have activated Windows 7 first. Did you install Windows 7 by yourself or it came with the computer? If it came with the computer, then you have the activated version of Windows 7 already.

In case you are not sure if your version of Windows 7 is activated already, follow these steps.

  1. Click on the start menu in Windows 7 and open Control Panel
  2. Press “System and Security” from the list of categories
  3. Scroll down the bottom and you’ll see “Windows Activation”

In case you see the Windows logo on the right side, and it says “Windows is activated”, then it means your copy of Windows 7 is activated

If not, you’ll have to look for the activation key in your email if you bought the OS online. If you bought a CD/DVD, then look inside the packaging to find your Windows serial key.

Once you have your Windows 7 copy activated, you need to do the following to upgrade to Windows 8.

  1. Open “Windows Upgrade Assistant” and make sure your computer is connected to high-speed internet
  2. It will show you current PC configurations.
  3. Make sure you meet all the requirements. You may have to install a few driver software before you can continue with the upgrade
  4. Install update files for your PC.
  5. It will take some time before Windows downloads and installs the updated files for you
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Once the activation installation is complete, your PC will reboot and you then have the elegant and stylish activated Windows 8 installed.

Windows 8 Pro Activation Key, Requirements, and Activation Process

Once you have your PC rebooted after the initial installation of Professional Windows 8, you’ll be asked for the original Windows activation key. You’ll have to enter the product key to enjoy the fully functional windows 8.

If you somehow can’t afford to pay for the Windows activation key, you can enter fake Windows 8 pro product key. Alternatively, you can skip it to continue the installation process and activate your OS later. If you skip the activation, you’ll get a trial of Windows 8 free for a month. So, you can choose to upgrade your windows anytime within the next 30 days.

Here are a few working Windows 8 activation keys that you can try.



How to Find Windows 8 Product Key?

Windows activation key is a 25-digit unique code, which is used to activate Windows (all versions including Home and Professional version). If you don’t have it, you’re unlikely to run a fully functional OS. Nobody wants that, right?

Windows 8 product key looks like this. 


If you don’t know how to find a Windows activation key, you need to do the following:

  1. In case you installed Windows 8 using a CD/DVD, then the product key will be in a text document. Open the Windows folder in the CD/DVD and you’ll find it easily.
  2. If you purchased a copy of Windows 8 online, you need to look for the confirmation email in your mailbox. You’ll find the product key in it.
  3. You can also download and install Windows key Finder software from the internet.

WINDOWS 8 PRO KEY – Recently Updated Completely Working windows 8 serial/product key

We have gathered a list of working Windows 8 product keys so that you can enjoy a fully-functional Windows 8. 


Try one of these product keys and you’ll be able to activate the copy of Windows 8. If somehow any of the keys aren’t working, it means that they are used multiple times and the key is no longer valid.

In that case, you can try other keys and see it any of these works. Leave us a comment, so we know if these keys are working for you or not.

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