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Which NFTs Are the Most Valuable?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), like cryptocurrency, have recently taken the world by storm.

With some netting up to millions of dollars in profits in just a short while. 

An NFT, in short, is simply a digital asset that is stored in a virtual ledger, using blockchain technology.




It verifies its rarity and inability to be replaced by another asset of its type. 

NFTs can represent almost any digital asset from photos to videos and more.

However, as of today, some of the most popular NFTs just happen to be digital portraits, including: 


Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s Internet Source Code

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is accredited with creating the internet. 

Hence, one digital artist created an NFT that depicts this, which is titled, This Changes Everything.

The NFT contains a letter written by Sir Tim Berners-Lee along with a poster of the full source code he used to create the internet.

It also includes a time-stamped outline documenting his creation. 

In the meantime, because it embodies a piece of history.

They consider it a historical artifact which makes it different than other NFTs to investors.

Hence, an anonymous buyer gladly purchased it for over $5 million in 2020.


Beetle’s Digital Artworks 

Beetle is a well-known NFT artist whose two digital artworks, the Ocean Front and Crossroads, have also become popular in the NFT circuit. 

His artwork titled, Ocean Front, features a tree sitting high atop an elevated surface with shipping containers and trailers placed about, which speaks to the impending climate change facing society. 

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Needless to say, it sold to a prominent CEO for 6 million dollars.

Meanwhile, his Crossroads NFT was created to make a political statement with a short video poking fun of former President Donald Trump’s reaction to his defeat. 


 Larva Labs Covid Alien

In 2017, Larva Labs created the first NFT featured on the Ethereum blockchain, which was a 24 by 24-pixel 8 bit Crypto Punk character.

The company has since created a variety of teal-colored alien CryptoPunks, also known as Covid Alien.

A few of them have sold at the Sotheby’s auction house. 

In fact, at least four of them hold high rankings in the digital art world. 


Mike BeepleWinnlemann’s Digital Collage 

Last but certainly not least is Mike BeepleWinklemann’s Everyday NFT, which tops the list of sold NFTs. 

In fact, they featured it in Christie’s first digital art auction, where it sold for a record high auction price. 

The token features a collage of over 5,000 images shared by the famous digital artist over the years, representing the progression of his art and technology since 2007. 

In the end, what makes NFTs different than other digital blockchain assets is they are irreplaceable.

This makes them invaluable.

However, different digital works of art have different market values.

So if you intend to invest in NFTs, you should first look up the price, using an NFT price checker

This way, you’ll be able to make your purchases and swaps with greater confidence and success.

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