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Timeline of Bitcoin Hard Forks

Do you know anything about bitcoin hard forks?

Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency developed to mitigate the dominance of third parties and intermediates involving in the complex.

Unlike fiat currencies, bitcoin is neither issued nor regulated by government bodies.

Since bitcoin is a digital currency, it is utterly devoid of the physical touch.

The cryptocurrency was introduced in the marketplace by a Japanese group of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Therefore, Bitcoin has acquired an exceeding extent of user base and appeal across the world. 




The altcoins present in the market are derived from the core notion of bitcoin.

However, the co-founder of gigantic cryptocurrency are anonymous, and they are familiar with the upgradation progression.

There are authentic websites called the bitcoin robot BC which can help you in getting fruitful outcomes in the bitcoin journey.

The altcoins present in the marketplace are subjected to regular updates and forks to fix flaws. 

Whereas at the instance of bitcoin, there are no crisp, clear facts that when and how to make productive forks in the bitcoin complex.

Below mentioned is an utter timeline of hard forks in the complex of bitcoin, which you should know if you are a crypto lover.

Let’s have a glance


What Are Bitcoin Hard Forks?

At the instance of the bitcoin release, the originator of the cryptocurrency released the concept of blockchain.

And Satoshi Nakamoto mined the genesis block in the bitcoin network, the foremost mined block. 

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After mining the foremost block or genesis block, the founder of bitcoin confronted ample complications in the bitcoin network.

Then he made several gigantic changes in the network, including the rondure of bitcoin.

The mutation in the complexity of bitcoin at the very foremost glance has complicated the route of understanding how and when to make changes in bitcoin.

You might be aware that no singular entity can make changes in the bitcoin network.

This has utterly complexed the progression.

Conferring the robust sources, there are several hard forks and soft forks in the entire history of bitcoin. 

The soft forks are just minimal changes in the guidelines with the same results.

Whereas the hard forks are gigantic changes in the scorching technology of bitcoin; here is a timeline of bitcoin hard forks.


Bitcoin XT

The founder of the bitcoin XT complex blazed the trail of hard bitcoin forks at first glance.

The entire complex of Bitcoin went on air in 2014, and Mike Horan originated the project.

The Bitcoin XT software was a subject to ample significant changes in contrast to the complexity of bitcoin.

At the instance of 2014, the complex was able to process merely seven transactions per second.

However, the upgraded model of bitcoin, bitcoin XT was potential enough to process 24 transactions in a single second.  

The originator of the complex was corresponding concerned about the scalability of bitcoin.

So he correspondingly inclined the size of blocks in the blockchain in his explicit model.

The complex acquired an exceeding extent of attention in a nominal time.

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The fact might amaze you that the model acquired 1000 computing entity in the peer to peer network.

However, subsequent to a considerable time span, the trend of bitcoin XT was down.

And the software of bitcoin XT does not even exist right now. 


Bitcoin Classic Opposed to Bitcoin Hard Forks

Bitcoin XT rendered some drastic changes, which were highly complicated to process in the complexity of bitcoin.

Subsequent to the model of Bitcoin XT, the bitcoin classic arrived in the marketplace.

It just amazed every participant of the marketplace.

Rather than just processing massive changes and mutation in the block size of the blockchain, he blazed the trail with a much smaller change and just shifted the size of one block to a megabyte. 

Similar to Bitcoin XT, the classic model of bitcoin correspondingly acquired considerable hype in the marketplace.

And the nodding system involved in the complex of bitcoin classic was more than 2000 in just a nominal time.

Moreover, the complexity of bitcoin XT still exists with a considerable user base.


Bitcoin Cash

Prior to bitcoin cash, there were two other models.

They introduced the models in the complex of bitcoin was bitcoin unlimited and Sewed.

These models correspondingly failed to acquire acceptance.

Later the mining pool collectively formed bitcoin cash, the size of blocks in the blockchain of bitcoin cash is 32 MB.

These are some of the hard forks in the bitcoin complex. 

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