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5 Best Alternative Ad Networks for Crypto Projects Boost

It may seem that ad networks for crypto projects are monopolized by two digital giants: Facebook and Google.

Indeed, they create a mass circulation of both publishers and advertisers over the global web.

Their profound technical capabilities, enormous financial reserves, and the widest possible user coverage all make any competitor think twice before offering some AdSense alternative.

Nonetheless, alternatives exist.




Hundreds of alternative ad networks keep carving their own niches in the market.

What are they? What allows them to hope for growth and success? And how do they facilitate the crypto economy?

The present post offers some insights regarding the best alternative ad networks for crypto projects` boost.


Paradoxically Encouraging Remnant of 2020

It has become almost a platitude to call 2020 the most disastrous year for the global economy.

The COVID lockdowns have left the mark of some sort of hysteria on every human activity.

The dismantling of many businesses has impacted the advertising sector as well. 

On the other hand, the new era of “remote everything” makes entrepreneurs and business owners rethink their monetization channels.

This hints at a possible second wind for online marketing.

Both advertisers and publishers started looking for new promising niches to keep their businesses running.

Online advertising ad networks for crypto projects are included.

The crypto-economy received a strong impetus for progress. This is even despite all the crises that happened in the traditional sectors in 2020

Moreover, the critical inability of almost all conventional industries to cope up with the COVID-induced problems has pushed institutional investors to change their minds about crypto.

At last! The toxicity of the global fiat-powered financial system became obvious. 

Bitcoin has been recognized as the best risk-hedging tool in finance.

Almost all top-rated cryptocurrencies have reached an all-time high.

The booming DeFi projects have shown an alternative approach to loans and credits.

Total crypto market capitalization has surpassed many national currencies in value. 

But what is the most crucial outcome of 2020?

This is that millions of people around the world have accepted crypto as a viable solution for further development and financial independence. 


Why Crypto Ad Networks for Crypto Projects Open Up Brighter Prospects

The position of Bitcoin-friendly alternative ad networks looks more attractive for many publishers.

Even amid the shortsighted decision of many large social networks to ban every content related to cryptocurrencies.

The advertisers have a better opportunity to reach their target audience via crypto blogs and Bitcoin-centric news portals. 

Hence, those online ad networks for crypto projects that support crypto topics seem to appear between the two promising trends.

The audience of crypto publishers is expanding while advertisers cannot ignore crypto any longer. 

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Besides, crypto has a lot of space to grow.

Many experts insist that distributed ledger technologies (crypto) are still at the early stage of development today.

Such trends as DeFi projects and NFT tokens promise to grab a lot of public attention in 2021.

As far as the business of any ad network is all about targeted traffic many popular crypto blogs and websites seem to be the right places to promote your products and services. 


Alternative Ad Networks Worth Your Attention

Crypto Ad Campaigns are gaining traction.

This is due to the quite successful efforts of many crypto ad networks to rephrase their advertising content to bypass crypto bans and restrictions available on popular websites.

Playing with crypto discourse is still an unfortunate precaution these days.

Nonetheless, such a technique pays off: crypto topics are quietly getting into the public mind via alternative ad networks for crypto projects.

They get mass consumers hooked on Bitcoin-friendly discourse that is not alienated from typical subjects of online commerce at the same time.

Below you can find the best ad networks for advertisers and publishers capable of combining crypto topics with well-targeted traffic.  


Bitmedia. IO

Twenty million unique visitors per month make this alternative ad networks for crypto projects one of the leading ad platforms in the crypto world.

The network offers all-in-one solutions for both advertisers and publishers.

Besides, Bitmedia uses a special AI-driven algorithm that allows showing ads to a highly relevant audience.




The database of BitMedia partners includes more than 5000 crypto-friendly websites capable of delivering up to 1 billion impressions monthly.

The following advantages confirm the remarkable versatility of this online ads network:

  • Referral programs with high commissions (up to 10%)
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Diverse ad formats for every taste and budget
  • Immediate payouts upon request
  • Flexible approach to pricing
  • Every transaction can be executed with BTC



Direct deals with publishers and advertisers from numerous crypto networks are possible with the Adshares advertising ecosystem.

This specialized blockchain-oriented ad network for crypto projects focuses on arranging deals between publishers and advertisers with no third-party intermediary involved.

That’s why Adshares is developing a special crypto ecosystem.




It goes with its own secure ADS blockchain. For instance, through it, you can execute 1 million transactions per second with crypto.

This innovative online ad network has the following advantages:

  • No-middleman low fees
  • Decentralized ad servers enabling users to bypass ad blocking
  • Automatic hourly payments from advertisers to publishers 
  • No censorship on ads content
  • Publishers select ads for their websites on their own
  • Low threshold of entry for small advertisers



This crypto-oriented network is considered one of the best ad networks for advertisers.

Coinzilla offers a complete range of advertising solutions with banners of all possible formats.

For instance, hundreds of brands have been partnering with Coinzilla since day one (2016).

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Coinzilla pays much attention to the reputation of partnering websites.

The ones younger than 3 months can hardly get access to the networks.

The trustworthiness of resources is among the following advantages of this reputable ad network for crypto projects:

  • Deposits can be paid in Euro, BTC, and ETH 
  • Referral program members can get 50 Euro for a deposit 
  • Payments to publishers are iron-concrete stable 
  • Payment channels include credit cards, BTC, ETH, Webmoney
  • User-friendly websites with fast loading are accepted only



This crypto ad network was established in one of the world-famous crypto havens – Estonia in 2014.

Having a lot of tools for boosting conversion rates Cointraffic is a premium alternative ad network on the crypto market.

Both banner ads and native ads facilitate all the network users.




A dedicated team of community managers who take responsibility for your advertising campaigns makes Cointraffic’s customer care one of the best-in-class.

Also, anti-spam and anti-fraud solutions are available as well. The other advantages include:

  • Easy-to-monitor daily performance reports
  • Professional banner design assistance
  • Minimum payment is only 25 Euro
  • Payment withdrawal is possible 3 times a week
  • Both fiat currencies and crypto are accepted for payments



This is one of the oldest crypto ad networks (2011) with a strong reputation.

The available on-site stats show about 100 million impressions a day.

CPM rates vary within $0.14 per CPM in the Entertainment package and $0.77 per CMP in the Bitcoin package.

Crypto projects and blockchain technology constitute the main area of expertise of A-Ads.

This online ad network for crypto projects is extremely publisher-friendly: websites need no approval to join.

Thus no matter how big your website is: even small blogs and faucets are welcome.


  • Plain HTML iframes instead of embedded JavaScript code for banners
  • No tracking of your website visitors’ behavior
  • Always-on live chat with help-desk managers
  • No minimum daily budget, campaigns can start with any sum
  • About 30 cryptocurrencies are accepted for payment
  • Daily automatic payouts in BTC



Each forward-thinking entrepreneur should recognize the clear promise of crypto-centric alternative ad networks.

They do not follow the gloomy mood that covers conventional business entities in the present days of recurrent lockdowns and financial crises.

Crypto-centric online advertising networks show the way of further development.

They show it to those publishers and advertisers who do not consider AdSense and Facebook the only ad services. Additionally, the services that are capable of generating well-targeted traffic.

The above-mentioned alternative ad networks absorb the best from both the crypto economy and online marketing.

Such a hybrid approach enables them to provide users with both:

  • flexible tools of payment
  • rapidly growing audience of crypto enthusiasts.

Hence, alternatives to digital behemoths are available and worth trying in 2021.   

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