Solved Windows Modules Installer Worker Guide for windows 8/8.6, windows 10

Windows modules installer worker

Windows modules installer worker is a part of operating system and also known as TiWorker.exe. This program will be running automatically when you’re checking for new window update or install windows update on your computer it means windows modules installer worker is a program of windows update service who looks for new updates in your system and install it on your pc or laptop. Basically ‘Windows Modules Installer Worker’ is the most frequently common error in windows series and it is happening because windows modules installer worker occupies a lot of CPU more than 50%. Whenever you seem your CPU become hotter and fans spin very fast it means windows modules installer worker (TiWorker.exe) using a lot of CPU and disk resources. You can check it by given process:

Click-> Start ->enter Task Manager in Search Field ->click on view running process with task manager-> processes tab-> sort by CPU


Windows modules installer worker for windows 8/8.6 and windows 10

In Windows 8/8.6 and Windows 10 sometimes you hear CPU fans spinning very fast and CPU becomes hotter because of windows modules installer worker occupying a lot of CPU more than 50%. If you are facing this problem in your pc or laptop you’re not alone, but the good news is this website will help you to fix windows modules installer worker service for looks new updates and install it to your pc or laptop.

This article will explain the various process to find windows modules installer worker and fix it’s constantly running with very high CPU uses. You can solve the problem by changing windows update into manual mode these steps will help you for changing windows update service in Windows 8/8.6 and Windows 10:

Step-1: In Windows 8/8.6 and Windows 10 first open services.misc by pressing Windows key+R.

Step-2: Now type “windows modules installer worker” in search bar given on screen.


Step-3: Double-click on Windows module installer worker and set it manual in startup type. It is usually set automatically.
(right click on service -> choose Properties -> Startup type: manual ->click Apply -> ok)
startup type

Step-4: Now again open services.misc and search windows update.

Step-5: After search double click on windows update and also set it to manual in startup type:
(right click on service -> choose Properties -> Startup type: manual ->click Apply -> ok)

windows update

Step-6: Now open “control panel” by right click on windows logo and then you can see control panel.

Step-7: After open control panel double click on windows update” as well as given.

control pannel

Step-8: In the left of the windows screen you can see “change setting”

Step-9: Change the setting into “Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them”. It is usually set automatic.

Step-10: After doing all setting reboot your system to fully activated the changes.

All done, now you won’t see ‘windows modules installer’ message ever again and the Windows module installer workers cannot bother you anymore.

Important: You set your windows updates manual so it won’t be able to check it automatically. You have to check your windows updates manually weekly or monthly.
In some cases, TiWorker.exe may cause windows modules installer worker. It’s also connected to windows update.



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